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  • Frown of Passion

    The Keepin’ it 1600 slot will open up in 6 months. Best of luck with Bill & Co.

  • Concerned

    Lol. You know me well.

  • Cranberry Beret

    They’re building around and over the existing structure, not demolishing it

  • Andrew Porter

    They have replaced all the old sodium vapor lights with LED ones throughout much of the north Heights, having worked their way slowly northward for a long time. I noticed the change on my street last week. NYC saves electricity, and the new lights will, hopefully, last a long time. If you don’t look directly at them, your eyes will thank you. (But you won’t turn to stone if you do.)

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow. Enormous amount of posts from people who never comment here; apparently lots and lots of teens.

    Some discussion of Jeffrey Smith, too. I can’t imagine why…

  • Andrew Porter

    I don’t think so. Image (from Curbed) of what’s coming here:

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge 133 years old. Attached is a film I did for the blog 6 years ago but pictures are as topical today as when I did the film back then. Holy cow, 6 years. Time flies.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks, Karl. Good to hear from you; always love your videos and commentary.