Town Hall Meeting On Brooklyn Bridge Park Issues Wednesday Evening

This Wednesday evening, May 4, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, Clinton and Montague streets (enter from Clinton) there will be a Town Hall Meeting to discuss “three contentious development issues within Brooklyn Bridge Park”:

1) the obstruction of the views of the Brooklyn Bridge by Pierhouse,

2) the violation of the Scenic View District (SV-1), and

3) the unnecessary towers proposed for Pier 6 at the foot of Atlantic Avenue.

The status of the ongoing lawsuits with regard to SV-1 and Pierhouse will also be reviewed.

The Meeting is sponsored by the Brooklyn Heights Association, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund, the People for Green Space Foundation (affiliated with Save Pier 6, and Save The View Now. All are invited.

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  • Concerned

    When can we get a town hall meeting about security issues at the park and on Joralemon? It’s time for this, please.


    And why isn’t the Brooklyn Heights Library on the agenda
    with a lawsuit filed on 4/15/16?
    Check out
    BPL is currently removing books from the library when they
    know LBLinc has requested an injunction.
    Another View issue to come? Or is it just plan

  • marilyn berkon

    A true town hall meeting would have the very important issue of a planned demolition of our treasured, strong Brooklyn Heights Library. False excuses have been given for its demolition. What motivates this shameful act is pure greed. The developer will make an enormous profit on his 36-story luxury condo while depriving the public of their excellent, full size library that serves Brooklyn Heights and all its neighboring districts with absolute excellence.

  • Arch Stanton

    Library, What about the Hospital? Books won’t do ya much good if you’re too dead to read em.

  • marilyn berkon

    You’re right, Arch. We need the hospital. The same developer greed that may demolish our library has stolen our hospital. Perhaps we can still fight to save that, too, though they’ve gone quite far in their devious plan. Maybe if these people knew how to enjoy books, their hearts would not be consumed by greed.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Today – Wed. 5/4, a group of community groups from across the City held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to demand an end to the “pay to play” relationships between real estate developers, lobbyists and City and State government and to demand further investigation.

    Here is a sample flyer re: the LICH deal: