Channel 7 Visits Atlantic Chip Shop for Brooklyn Restaurant Week


It’s Brooklyn Restaurant Week aka Dine in Brooklyn. WABC-TV’s Kemberly Richardson stopped by the Atlantic Chip Shop to kick things off. [Watch video]

WABC-TV: “It’s the best publicity you can get,” the Chipshop’s Chris Sall said. “They do a great job, Marty Markowitz and the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office, and there’s not reason not to do it. It’s a great way to kick off the season.”

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  • Matt

    Ringing endorsement: “There’s no reason not to do it!”

  • Monty

    I only ate there once, but it instantly earned a top spot as the worst restaurant in the neighborhood. It was some sort of ridiculous stereotype of bland English food. It was, however, soon replaced at the top of the list by La Mancha which gave me some absolutely inedible chunks of things for dinner once. Dinner at Fountain costs less than $23 every day of the week and tastes much better.

  • Eason

    Criticizing a fish and chips shop as “bland English food” is like criticizing McDonalds for being unhealthy. What did you expect, someone to take your coat at the door?

  • CJP

    Agree with Eason on all counts. I’ve eaten at the Chip Shop with my English Dad and he never had any complaints about the taste or authenticity. It’s the real thing for better or worse!

  • Mom

    I love the chip shop, we usually get the fish n chips the salad with apples and stilton cheese and their “mighty mac” for the kids, they love it as a treat.