Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn Heights This Evening

Newsday reports on a “Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” held this evening at the First Unitarian Church, corner of Monroe Place and Pierrepont Street, at which U.S. Senator and presidential aspirant Bernie Sanders was the featured participant. Also participating in the roundtable were Cornel West and Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. The Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to be there, but did not appear.

The Newsday story reports that the event “filled every pew” at the church, but gives little detail on what was said there, other than that when Sen. Sanders was asked if the present state of income inequality was morally acceptable, the audience replied “No!”

Were any readers present who could give more details on the event?

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    Great, you’re only wasting your own time. Nobody cares about you or your racist opinions.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    But EVERYTHING the political/economic/social control mechanism doesn’t want discussed is labeled either racist or anti semitic!

    This is the great way they deprive hundreds of thousands of clear
    Thinking American of their freedom of speech.

    Just say the word racist and everybody is supposed to run for cover…

    This all started in the late sixties with a bunch of RANCID Marxists aided by nasty trotskyists in such wonderful organizations like the SDS and circles around such sterling figures like H. Rap Brown.

    But like saying the sky is falling, after a time, people realize the cry is false and then they become less and less susceptible to the charge.

    There is certainly a place for people to decry anyone who would hurt people without cause. But when people set themselves up as being the ones to set the limits of public discourse, the vast number of average, normal, American would strongly reject that.

    As do I.



    Except you are actually a racist. Everyone here knows this. That’s why no one engages.