Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn Heights This Evening

Newsday reports on a “Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” held this evening at the First Unitarian Church, corner of Monroe Place and Pierrepont Street, at which U.S. Senator and presidential aspirant Bernie Sanders was the featured participant. Also participating in the roundtable were Cornel West and Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. The Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to be there, but did not appear.

The Newsday story reports that the event “filled every pew” at the church, but gives little detail on what was said there, other than that when Sen. Sanders was asked if the present state of income inequality was morally acceptable, the audience replied “No!”

Were any readers present who could give more details on the event?

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  • T.K. Small

    After dinner, I went out to take a look. The police said they were still letting people in, so I decided to avail myself of the elaborate ramp. At first I wasn’t going to go inside, but the person I was with noted “there is never going to be another installation of this crazy ramp again. You should take a quick look.” Even though I am a Republican, I went inside for 2 minutes. It was indeed packed with an enthusiastic Bernie crowd. However, the area where they escorted me to was cramped and quite conspicuous. Politicians are practically magnetically attracted to people with disabilities and I did not want to get co-opted into a unwilling photo op. So, I turned around and left.

  • Sally

    I stumbled on this rally on the way home from Trader Joes. I was so excited that I skipped out on my dinner plans—so glad I did. It was very inspiring. I had a chance to meet Cornell West and shake his hand. In addition to Bernie there were three speakers representing different faiths—Linda Sarsour (a muslim activist), Cornell West, and a young rabbi. The format was a conversation, and they covered many issues, but a major theme was that Bernie is the moral choice. I think the biggest cheers came when West said that Bernie is “not for sale.” I’ve been on the fence between Bernie and Hillary…and the topic hit home, because I really do agree that Bernie is the moral choice. West and Sarsour are gifted speakers. The rabbi was also great—she obviously adored West—mentioning that he had inspired her to take up activism when she saw him speak at her college.

  • mlcraryville

    Bernie, over the course of his campaign has revealed himself as a shallow thinker and an aggressive and unprincipled attacker. He has been smearing Hillary for months now with the same, unsubstantiated charge that she has been bought off by Wall Street. In fact, she was one of the staunchest Senators when it came to reining in the greedy money people.
    From her early days on the side of the civil rights movement to her fight for health care for all, to her heart-felt support for a woman to be free to choose, she has shown herself to be a progressive, practical and effective political leader.
    Bernie is like the snake-oil salesmen who promises the gullible whatever it takes to make a sale.
    That is why he has sold out to Palestinians despite their sworn allegiance to the idea of destroying their neighbor, Israel, and killing Jews because they are Jews. On that score Bernie needs to be asked just what is a ‘proportionate’ response when your closest neighbor denies your very right to exist and salutes and praises all those who wage vicious war on their civilians next door?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Thanks for actually contributing a first hand account of a local event instead of either a non-sequitur about an ADA ramp or an equally irrelevant half-baked political tirade.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    First, I refer anyone to my remarks on the open thread about law enforcement’s performance outside Sander’s appearance at the unitarian church. Seamless, Very professional performance on short notice.

    Second, I certainly have no ideological affinity for Mr Sanders, but he is providing viewpoints which are outside of the Democratic party leadership control. He is seen as being not fully under the financial/NGO control. The latest is his meeting at Rome. This is very significant. I know personally the degree the Jusuits dislike Obama, his and Hillary’s views on the religious rights…So Bernie is a target because he is not under enough control.

    Third, the very serious questions about the Clinton’s and their fitness to be in any responsible position are so numerous, that the poster should besides what she said, tell us about a number of other “matters”.

    Tell us about the number of unexplained deaths and disappearances of Clinton opponents during their Arkansas days

    Tell us about Mena Arkansas becoming the main importation/transship- ment port for hard drugs during the Clinton’s governorship.

    Note: I was down there as a reporter and anyone tries to deny the “situation” which existed in Arkansas during the Clinton’s reign is lying or was never there…

    Tell us about Vince Foster. And tell us what would happen to you or me if we decided to enter an area giving you the ability to tamper with critical records in a possible homicide investigation….

    Tell us about the Rose law firm, the “interactions” with other law firms…..

    Tell us about the foundation and foreign governments and financial institutions now having an avenue to project influence into American internal political affairs.

    I see, everyone should forget all about ALL of the above….sure….

    (I know my e mail will now be filled with obscenities and threats, but
    someone should bring up a little reality here….)

  • Brixtony

    I disagree with every word you’ve written, including “the” and “it”. It’s one thing to favor a candidate; another to literally repeat a blood libel. And before you jump to conclusions, I’m Jewish and older than 65.

  • Claude Scales

    Dorothy Parker lives! (At least in spirit.)

  • Concerned

    Jeff Smith, would you PLEASE consider not commenting on every major issue on this blog. Whenever there is an issue between commenters, you always have to add your 2 cents and bring your own opinion to the issue. I ask you, if you want your points to be taken seriously, pick and choose the issues. You don’t have to comment on everything. NO ONE DOES BUT YOU. I don’t think you believe yourself to be a brilliant man. Therefore, don’t you think it’s odd that you believe that you have to comment on every major issue on this blog? Think about it. Be the neighbor you want others to be and pick and choose your comments. Thank you.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Notice what’s happening here:There is no response here. You’ll notice that No One is offering to even address my points. And forget about a rebuttal. No one wants to touch ANYTHING I brought up.

    Of course, because they can’t. NO Hillaryoid or thier many cohorts, wants anyone to remember anything prior to say, 2015!!

    So see what’s happening now? They want self censorship. Think I or any intelligent conçerned American at this point would agree to that?No one is saying anything I offered is worthless or off topic. Sure, the problem for them is that its the heart of the subject.

    And you should see my e mails since this post, amazing bile and threatening language. So much for freedom of speech.

    When you find something I offer is factually wrong, offer an answer.
    Otherwise, I’m not asking for people to remain silent, and none of you should ask for I or my associates to be silent. Because when one’s country is in danger….silence is gentlemen, is treason….

  • Concerned

    Jesus!!! You’re a god damned nut job. “Treason”!?! You’re worse than I thought.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    No, its simply the truth. Today, as at our nation’s founding, the worst infidelity to our nation’s interests is to be aware of a potential or actual danger to your country and to remain silent.

    I and millions patriots nationwide from this point on, are refusing to remain silent.

    God bless this country.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    To be fair, Sally’s has been the only relevant response to the article, at least in light of the prompt for commentary that it ended with. Neither a half-baked laundry list of one’s own opposing political beliefs nor a pastiche of the challenges faced by wheelchair-bound event attendees shed any meaningful light on this news item. Meanwhile, it’s safe to say, Jeff will be Jeff, and by engaging him you’re only enforcing his own logic (that he needs to keep reiterating the things he says in increasingly non-sequitur contexts).

  • Jeffrey Smith

    First I ask that no one take the Lords name in vain in this discourse.

    Second, of all, I was outside the Bernie event next to the quickly assembled don’t sell our library demonstration for ovrr an hour. I later I listened to like four or my neighbors recount everything that went on inside. And I watched the proceedings on You Tube. I doubt any of you ‘well informed’ types here did any of that.

    Third, NONE of you are answering ANY of the hard points I raised. Of course not. Because you can’t. You don’t want to talk about anything that went on in Arkansas while these two were the co-governor, Mena? Let’s forget about the tons of drugs brought into this country.
    And I don’t feel like forgetting about Vince Foster. Or the idea that foreign governments and financial groups now have input into the American electoral process. And NO amount of your snide amateur psychology painting the child who Cries the (would be) emperor has no clothes, as being some kind of mentally off type who best should be ignored…well, if there is a height of intellectual dishonesty, all of you, with exception of Claude, have just defined it.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Talk about Dorothy Parker observations, a member of my family here just remarked: “Wouldn’t you loved to be in court listening to Lillian Helman’s attempts to keep Dorothy Rothschild’s estate away from the NAACP??” Its true, What an amazing scene that must have been….

  • Doug Biviano

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Concerned

    Well, SB, arguing in a vacuum usually isn’t fair and it’s not fair to me in this context. My comment to WSW was in relation to this entire blog, not just this article. Nevertheless, I should take my own advice and just not reply to his comments. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, I could get through to him. Guess not.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Always the optimist. :)

  • Jeffrey Smith

    More amateur psychology. How about answering the points I made?
    What’s that I hear? The sound of silence. Sure, all any of you can do is to throw rocks. You can’t…and won’t answer any serious substantive issues or facts.

    Can any of you provide any kind of a sane, well ordered, valid point by point refutation of what I said? Well, even one or two points? I guess not….

  • DIBS
  • Karl Junkersfeld


    An excellent article. Was cognizant of some of the criticisms but not aware of many that were documented throughout. She is very knowledgeable. Thanks for the link.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    This is amazing scatter brained thinking. Read some other headings on her page. She wants to cuddle with Hillery and watch Netflix?

    This is also classic deconstructionist thinking. Take a system apart and review and criticize all the components. Never mind the overall effect of the system as a whole in real world terms. Brilliant, and clinically insane…..

  • Jeff Hard Assets and FoodSmith

    I could not attend the Bernie rally at the unitarian. But I wanted to ask two small questions of Bernie and the sincere but less than really formed assembled. I wonder if anybody there had any real idea at all the moment in history we’re in. And thus, tvvbhe two questions I wanted answered are:

    1) Does anybody there know what the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is
    and the the “small” effect on the dollar’s status or the effect it could have on
    the entire Anglo/American financial structure long and short term.

    2) Does anyone know this website and about the issues mentioned there in:

    I thought I’d try to ask about these two tiny areas of concern I any every other informed sane observer for some reason have all become very, very concerned
    about and I wonder if they feel there is anything a teensy bit alarming in any of the materials and report offered? And, oh by the way, if anyone finds the above matters of any interest, do they find the following You Tube site/commentary at all of note or of concern..”A Cryptic Warning Issued To America”

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Sorry, the CORRECT title of the web site is,:

    The letter and the internal fed document are very alarming.

  • Jeff Smith

    Sorry again, I just got a call that the real name of the publication and in the web site title is Wall Street On Parade.
    So, http://www.wallstreetonparade/2016/04 etc.etc.

  • Brixtony

    Yikes – I agree with Jeff. Idiotic article- Relevant points are over-stated and most of the points are way off the mark. Establishment propaganda.

  • Reggie

    “No one is saying anything I offered is worthless or off topic.” Actually, I think that is pretty much what Concerned wrote. Exercising some self-control ≠ “self censorship.” But, then again, what StudioBrooklyn wrote is most certainly true.


    It’s because no one cares about your opinion. You’re a blight on our neighborhood. And you’re a blight on humanity.


    You’re not a patriot. Your idea of patriotism is moronic and skewed to only serve yourself.


    Nobody cares what you think. Go away.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I’m like Jerry Lee Lewis and I’m darn’d sure here to stay…..