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  • Jeffrey Smith

    Tomorrow is good Friday Many, many houses of Worship will have wonderful services including several here in the Heights. Doesn’t the day and what it represents, warrent a visit, or even s pause to contemplate what is really important? People should be at least thankful that as American we can worship as we want without fear. In a LOT of the world that is not the case….

  • Jorale-man

    BTW, River Deli has some photos on their Facebook page with Will Smith. It’s called “Collateral Beauty” apparently.

  • Jeff Kustoms are Look Smith

    In other words, a candy apple paint job. Joe Bailon originated that technique, which is far better at the use of light and the interplay of light and dark than what was shown. All of which indicates;
    A) Americans invented everything first and best and
    B) Everything is better here…at least it was in the 50’s and early 60’s
    C) Barris, Bailon, Starbird, Roth, Watson, Winfield and Cushinberry are
    the real and only art immortals.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Sorry, I have to ask because this is the internet and everything but…you’re joking, right? Blink once for yes, twice for no, and we’ll forget any of this ever happened.

  • Teresa

    Don’t forget to include your source/link! The museum much appreciates it…

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hah of course…the image is from Wikimedia Commons. The painting it represents, “Judas Returning the Thirty Silver Pieces”, was completed in 1629 by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (when he was only a 25 year old entitled millennial!!) and hangs in the collection of Mulgrave Castle in Lythe, North Yorkshire.

  • Teresa


  • DIBS

    Our house in Philadelphia

  • J. Metalflake underbase Smith

    No actuially the use of varnishes, shellac and later, laquors to creat dept is very old. Classic cars in the 1920’s used to get shellac over paint to achieve depth. But it took Joe Bailon (and his many imitators) to perfect what artists had been attempting for hundreds of years. So:
    A) Americans invented everything or after incompetent foreigners botched or minimally tried, perfected everything.
    B) Everything is better here
    (read: before the sixties
    garbage happened)
    C) Barris, Bailion, Watson et al
    are the only real artistic
    figures you need to
    concerned with….

  • StudioBrooklyn

    So how come the Frick collection isn’t full of Chryslers?

  • J Bubble Skirts forever Smith

    Most top kustom kars are restricted by insurance outside a 60 or 70 mile radius from the city. The only exception are low riders which are not real Kustoms, and are allowed inside NYC for the Mexican day parade. Most kustoms are Ford or GM based but I think the ’57 Dodge
    Custom Royal with the Jato bottle from the Lawrence Welk show commercial IS in the Smithsonian at at times is loaned to the Frick.
    Nothing like a ’57 Exner Dodge with 5000 lbs of thrust on tap.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Listen, if you just want to talk about cars that’s fine but it’s a complete non sequitur in this thread, which was originally YOUR post about Judas and my offering of a painting depicting same.

    The word “painting” isn’t an invitation for you to go off on a tangent about industrial automotive pigments and varnishes–a completely different can of worms by every measure. Want to talk about cars? Fine, start a new post. Let’s keep this organized.

  • Arch Stanton

    Spoken like a true philistine…

  • Arch Stanton

    Maybe you should change your handle from “Concerned” to “Confused”…

  • Concerned

    Maybe you should change yours to “Unknown”.

  • Uncle Jeff for President 2016.

    Since your response to my very simple observation on Wednesday of holy week, Iand your long standing, and often funny, hostility to me, I think it is fair to ask what your religious locus is? (I think I can guess)

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh you’ll never guess.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Oh, given you constant kvechings at me and my activities, We can all VERY WELL guess….

  • Jeff Smith

    You brought up the subject of depth in applied finished and the interplay of light and shadow. I simply observed that the best depth
    and use of shadow is by the people who invented paint intended to cause extended depth. And that “artists” from some foreign who knows what slobovia is never going to produce anything like a candy apple paint or pearl let alone Metalflake. That’s why, well, read my three observations/conclusions above because that’s the basic transcendent truth here……

    With which I DO feel we should get back to Heights related subjects.

    Er, I met the Pres. of the BHA on the Clark St station platform. He was so pleased to see me….I told him, in carefully indirect terms, that people are going to have a low tolerance of Blacks or anyone else coming into the Heights and targeting White women, and secondarily any women. He bounded onto an arriving #2 train escaping quickly, but my message was initially if quickly delivered.

    Of course, I don’t think anything will be taken seriously until and unless some casino type is hit over the head or seriously hassled
    Then it will become a national emergency in those circles__,

  • Arch Stanton

    At least you get that.

  • Brixtony

    You’re lucky you didn’t end up on the tracks. I hope to meet you one day. Next time I pass you on Monroe, I’ll introduce myself. Should be interesting. I hope I’m in a good mood, since you need some correction.

  • Arch Stanton

    “We” who all is that? Anyway, you are wrong.

  • Arch Stanton

    I feel your frustration, but anyone who thinks painting a car is a higher level of artistic achievement than a Rembrandt Masterpiece is beyond “correction”.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Another SL type? You know a certain chosen group has expended thier options, folks, when you get messages like this….

    Tell you what, if certain people don’t control the targeting of Heights women, everyone can simply expect a surge of patriotic groups activity in the Heights. And I REALLY suggest people respect every- one’s constitutional rights. Otherwise they’ll be a lot more SL’s

  • Jeffrey Smith

    We are several of my more intolerant of vulnerable Heights residents being abused and other illegal activity, friends who happen to be here watching me enter these modest submissions…

    One of them made the observation that you may not be one of them but you’re sprituially and behaviorally one of them. On balance, I agree. While your behavior is often funny, it has a frankly, in my view, an unsavory element in that you seem more focused on personalities you don’t like and less on the overall safety level of the Heights.

  • Jeff Smith

    And, the work’s veneerer is still an early and cruder form of the paint and the technique the great painter and sculptor Joe Bailion perfeced in the early 1950’s…candy apple….

  • Arch Stanton

    What exactly do you mean by “one of them”?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Well, one of a group which feels that it is chosen by god or providence or fate or fill in the blank to rule or direct humankind or rule the earth or everyone reading this now gets the idea an the reference I and my friends mean. People who feel because they are special, they, and pay close attention to this folks:

    ,A) have the right to rule the world and
    B) If ythe world DOESN’T accept their rule, the world is evil and
    can and Should be destroyed.

    (Gee, I wonder what “holy text” you can openly find that sentiment/
    “Commandment” in….)

    See, you feel that you and your cohorts should direct things. AND when one or more of a Real healthy elite arises you go into one of your the instant attack. Spewing your bile and rage at anyone who:
    A) Questions what your actions, objectives or “ideas” or “concepts”
    (I don’t want to dignify their concept of self with the terms
    cosmology and cosmography…the “thoughts” don’t rise to that
    B) Doesn’t feel that they should come under your rule.

    That’s not the way you and your friends are?

    That’s exactly how you and your friends are…

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Today is Easter Sunday, Everyone should stop and think of what this day represents. Many houses of worship are open, even if you only briefly visit, it will lift your life, and in helping the spiritual influence here. You’ll lift the Heights.

  • J Smith

    Your response is “interesting”. Since your hostility has now led you to issuing poorly veiled threats, I feel its reasonable to ask your real name and what your group background is?

    I’d advise you to behave yourself, we take threats seriously.

    But whatever you have in mind:
    A) we’re ready for anything and
    B) you and anyone else can forget any idea that we’re going to
    be somehow be made to quietly accept the abuse of women
    in the Heights.