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  • Heightsman

    Park your car in DUMBO for 24 hours and look at the black dust that covers it. Crazy. You have car traffic on 3 sides of DUMBO 24/7 dumping in….Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and BQE

  • Heightsman

    Also miss Izzie on the Columbia Heights area. New guy is also great though.

  • StudioBrooklyn The sign reads: “This is not a private parking spot. Why do you think you have the right to park here?”

    The car has an MD plate, but got a ticket (and the angry sign). Short of being too nosey, I sort of love seeing these little glimpses into someone else’s last straw.

  • Bornhere

    It may not be the best solution, but you might consider using the package-acceptance services at the UPS Store on Montague Street. It is probably not the most convenient solution, but it would put an end to missing packages.

  • Concerned

    Lol. Nice find. I wonder what the beef is. You would think it would be someone from the townhouses (or offices therein) where that Benz parks. Or someone walked from afar with that cardboard sign, which paints a pretty funny picture in itself.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Right? It just raises all kinds of more questions.

  • Andrew Porter

    I just saw the “Yumtime” episode of “Billions” on Showtime with Paul Giamatti, in which he makes some guy whose dog has just crapped on the Promenade pick up the turd with his bare hands! Yes!!!

  • Roberto Gautier

    Black dust on cars is the opening for questions about the nature of that dust.
    Given that the NYC DEP and the federal EPA will not take indoor air pollution samples, an examination of the layering of particles on cars is the way to open the inquiries. It’s clear that diesel emissions are not bound to remain outdoors.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Happy lunar new year, everyone; found this lantern hanging from some scaffolding on Pierrepont St, near Pierrepont Pl.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Andrew, nice post (cards) on Brownstoner. I had not seen those postcards before. I especially loved the Marine Room postcard. Nice job.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, the Penny Bridge back then was a bridge over the steep incline running down to the docks, which charged 1¢ to save people the time to go inland a block to go around the cut.

  • Andrew Porter