Love Lane Work Continues


Looks like work on Love Lane Mews is continuing.  Workers were busy in and around the project this afternoon.

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  • Love Lane Roars

    When did the work ever stop??? Those guys have been on site EVERY morning with their noise – including Saturdays. Don’t even get me started.

  • nervesonedge

    It is horrible. How did they get a permit to work on Saturdays? My nerves are on edge and I’m losing sleep. I work from home, so that has been impossible too with the non-stop drilling and sawing. My building has called 311 on that site so many times we can’t count anymore. I spend most days now wishing the whole thing would just crumble and take everyone with them.

  • sleepless on henry

    I am with you. Never having lived next to a construction site, I wondered if Saturday work was normal. Could they wait until a reasonable hour, at least?