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  • Jorale-man

    It appears the branch of Maison Kayser is nearing close to opening in Borough Hall. With Paris Baguette down the street, who would have thought there’d be two French bakeries on Court Street?

  • alyssabereznak

    This week’s episode of BK HeightsCast is out. It includes a very special celeb sighting.

    Happy listening!


  • alyssabereznak

    So pumped for this. Still can’t find a decent croissant in this neighborhood.

  • Concerned

    It’s pretty cool to see the police on horseback at night around the neighborhood. The Christmas lights, the bite of cold air and the sound of horses hooves clopping makes for a pretty nice scene to be in.

  • KBells40

    Well, that explains the large pile of horse manure I spotted on the Promenade the other morning.

  • cool

    Paris Baguette is Korean.

  • MaryT

    I just heard that developer(s) are looking to buy the Park Plaza Diner and build a high rise. Anyone know if this is true?

  • Love Laner

    Does anyone know if all of the trees on Montague Street will get Christmas lights? It seems like some did and some didn’t–maybe due to the health of the tree, or the preference of the businesses nearest the trees? Either way I’d think it would look best if they all got the lights.

  • HereToStay

    Almost every buildable plot of land in Brooklyn Heights and DT Brooklyn with air rights attached has an offer to be developed…

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Yeah, almost stepped in that on my run the other day.

  • rls

    Yes, I hear they are planning to tear up the whole Pineapple Walk strip and build a 40 story condo

  • JDF

    Yes, this is accurate. It would be based on the sale of the land on Pineapple Walk which is owned by 75 Henry Street. A large condo would be developed in its place that would be larger than any of the existing towers there, while eliminating the current small businesses that have been there for many years, and limit/block the views/light of an entire side of 75 Henry.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I’d say Le Pain’s are “decent”, if you get them before noon, but this comes down to snob factor. I’ve had the real thing.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    My kid was playing with KR’s kid at the playground one day a few months ago and we chatted a little. She was incredibly friendly–like, above average for a BKH parent, which is a very friendly average.

    There should be a Yelp for celebrity interactions.

  • CassieVonMontague

    I agree, this isn’t the right neighborhood for pastries or bread. The best I’ve found so far is LPQ. If you need a walk, walk to Almondine where Messrs Torres, the eponymous chocolatier, and Poussot, formerly the pastry chef at Le Bernardin, make some fine pastries. Or walk to the best hidden French neighborhood in NYC, Boerum/Cobble/Carroll/Hill/Gardens, to finnd Marquet Patisserie, Bein Cuit and Provence En Boite.

  • HereToStay

    Good riddance — Pineapple walk is such a waste: it could be (and, I suppose, may well be!) really wonderful!

  • scott-dogwalker

    Hello to all dog owners. Please be aware that someone has put out rat poison on Butler Street between Hoyt and Smith streets.
    Apparently two dogs have already ingested it and become seriously injured. The DEP has been contacted an removed what they could find, but please be aware that there may be some remaining on that street. It is blueish in color and may be mixed with dog kibble.

  • DIBS

    LOL. If you want incredible croissants at home, nothing beats the frozen ones that Williams Sonoma sells..plain & chocolate. They need to thaw and rise over night and then are baked off. Incredibly buttery and flakey and far better than most bakeries I have ever had them from.

  • JDF

    Not sure what is so wonderful of a large condo taking the place of small, family owned businesses that the community uses, as well as likely cutting off its use as a means of egress/regress, but to each their own.

  • Concerned

    Where did you hear this??? I need me some perfectly ripe avocados from peas and pickles!!!

  • Banet

    What’s the point of building a condo tower to attract all these families if it drives out the only real toy store in the neighborhood? How can you have kids without toys??!?

  • Roberto Gautier

    Paris Baguette is a Korean company with a French name.

  • DIBS

    Where will Rosie & Primo go????? (the two cats in the pet store window)

  • Roberto Gautier

    Look at Mary Frost’s piece in the Brooklyn Eagle.
    She details what’s known at this point. If the coop owners of 75 Henry Street are tempted by cash payments to them and their board votes to accept the “development,” then we will see another tower of high-priced condos and the erasure of long-standing local businesses.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, fair point. Their food selections aim to be French.

    Maison Kayser is an actual Paris-based company, where it’s known to carry some of the best baguettes in the city. We’ll see how it does in Brooklyn.

  • alyssabereznak

    All great recommendations. I, too, have tasted the real thing, and unfortunately am too much of a croissant snob to FULLY enjoy Pain’s selection.

  • alyssabereznak

    Totally. I bet there would be a lot of great, incredibly crazy one-star reviews, too.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    “How can you have kids without toys?”

    There are many jokes I could make by riffing on this, but for the sake of expediency I’ll just offer the first two that came to mind:

    1. in many cases, “toys” are an essential part of the baby-making process.

    2. purchasing Minions figurines and Matchbox cars instead of birth control pills and condoms is an excellent way to increase the chances of having kids.

  • Michael Neal

    I heard it was on Douglass

  • Cranberry Beret

    Pineapple Walk is the result of the poor early 60s urban design that led to the destruction of a regular city streetscape on that block of Pineapple St replacing it with the Cadman towers, isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. The walk was a feeble attempt to replicate what worked fine on its own (notwithstanding being labeled a slum). But I’m not sure why you believe adding a new tower to the mix remedies the shortcomings of the walk; seems to me it just compounds the earlier mistake.