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  • Teresa

    Has anyone gotten a massage any time recently at the little spa inside Eastern Athletic? Looking for a decent massage in the neighborhood–suggestions/recommendations?

  • cmpizz

    I’ve never gone there but I have gone to the spa at Equinox for a massage and thought it was great.

  • cmpizz

    Anyone have any idea when the scaffolding is coming down at the St. George Hotel? I think it has been there for 2 years now. I don’t see any work being done so I’m not sure why it is there at all.

  • CHatter

    There is quite a bit of construction happening at the top (visible from Columbia Heights). My guess is that it has to do with the sale a few years ago of what used to be the water tower for use as living space ( The only access to that floor was through the outside roof, so it is possible they are building out internal stairs or an elevator.

  • cmpizz

    Ah, that makes sense – I can’t see what is going on from the street. Thank you CHatter, very helpful!

  • Boerum Bill

    That place on the corner of State and Court is very good.

  • Andrew Porter

    I asked workers, and they told me that they are repointing the building. Here’s a view of the building in question:

  • Andrew Porter

    The St. George Hotel is distinct and separate from the St. George Tower, aka 111 Hicks Street.

    That latter building is having extensive repointing done, during which very deteriorated steel was discovered on the top floors, which used to be ballrooms and are now apartments. The result was there was no work done for many months while the new steel was ordered and made. The work you can see from the Promenade is covered by typical blue plastic which prevents water from penetrating during times when the brick has been stripped from the facade.

  • Heightsman

    Yes, like religion. I can’t tell you who (J***) because she might book up. I get them all over the world but this lady is damn near magic….and no, this is not a joke post.

  • Elaine Rendon

    Is anyone missing a dog? I saw a post on Facebook about a MALE Puggle puppy (thought to be about 10 months old) that was found in the 11201 area.

    Being that were are 11201 here in the heights, I thought it would be a good idea to ask here if anyone has or knows someone who may be missing this little dog.

    He is at the Manhattan ACC. His I.D is: #A1058862 if you would like to go visit and ask about him. They have him under the name Balto (not sure if his real name or just one put by the shelter).

    Check out the picture below to see what this baby looks like.

  • RJG

    Happy Thanksgiving from #NYRROpenRun and #OR_BrooklynBridgePark. Hope you can join us every week: Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.

  • cmpizz

    Wow what a great photo! Thank you.

  • Peter Loibl

    Earlier today I sustained a rather nasty (but quasi-minor) head injury, embarrassingly hitting my head on the green medal box on the pole on the corner of Atlantic and Court. A lovely couple helped me and I want to make sure I find a way to let them know how much I appreciate their kindness. The gentleman’s name was Graves, but that is all I can remember (his wife was a lovely blonde woman, maybe late 20s or early 30s). If anyone knows this couple, please let me know! Thanks.

  • Teresa

    Bummer that they brought him to AC&C. They do the best they can there, but they don’t have the resources to keep them for long or do much to help track down owners. I hope he ends up being OK.

  • Reggie

    Jane? Jean? Judy?

  • miriamcb

    Late to the responses, but we love Nicole at Physiologic (now above Shake Shack on Fulton, amazing space). My husband and I have both been going to Nicole for 6 years.

  • Heightsman