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  • Pierrepont

    Does anyone know why the whole area where Pierrepont Street meets Columbia Heights smells awful? Like a breached sewer line, or something?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Offhand guess would be the gingko berries, but then again I haven’t been to that particular intersection in a couple days.

  • nancy

    it has been dreadful, can NOT open my windows

  • nancy

    ginko berries would be better than this! clearly a sewage smell!

  • Andrew Porter

    *Sigh*… That was the site of a really gorgeous little wooden house. The area is just outside both the Bklyn Heights and the Fulton Ferry Landmarked District. The JWs had a plan to replace it with the giant residence they ultimately built near the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge, and in anticipation, they tore the house down. This really angered local politicians, and when the City Council vote came up, the thinking was, “The JWs don’t vote in elections, and local BH residents do.”

    So they turned down the JW plans, leaving the empty courtyard you found.

  • Andrew Porter

    I think all your several comments about this stretch of Cadman Plaza West being “desolate and creepy” are just that.

  • Ed Townes

    Hi – Looking for your OK to use this photo in an unrelated not-for-profit blog-ish publication online. If OK, please write “OK to use almost bare tree photo.” THANKS

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Sure, just let’s arrange a place to meet so you can hand off the requisite cash–$50 ought to do it.

    Just kidding, of course it’s OK!

  • Ed Townes

    You’re great … and as a “kidder” myself, you “got me.” Only question … and you can email edt [at] if you prefer, while I could credit “StudioBrooklyn” and will if that’s your preference, your name is the obvious alternative, with some conceivable advantage(s).

  • StudioBrooklyn

    My handle is fine for now, cheers.

  • Hicks on Hicks

    That’s gotta be it!

    Here’s an excerpt from a WSJ article – “It’s not very pleasant,” Mr. Seal said of having to deal with the seeds, which smell something like a mix of vomit and putrid cheese.”