“OY/YO” Sculpture to be Unveiled at Brooklyn Bridge Park Tuesday, November 10

Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, November 10) at 3:00, at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s newly re-opened Main Street Lawn in DUMBO (foot of Main Street, between the bridges), artist Deborah Kass will unveil her monumental sculpture (photo) which, seen from the west and south (as in photo) says “YO” but from the east and north says “OY”, thereby embodying two characteristic Brooklyn expressions.

Image courtesy Hyperallergic/Two Trees

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  • Concerned

    Ughhhhhhhhh. They have a beautiful green space surrounded by steel and concrete and what do they do? Put up some more steel/concrete in the middle of the green space. Art can be beautiful and is obviously important, but you have to know the right place to put it. Why not put this at the nearest concrete entrance at the park?
    This reminds me of the sculpture, “Yoga”, which was also a steel eyesore on a beautiful green space in BBP. Put right in the middle of a place where children could play or families could picnic.
    I actually like “Yoga” and think the whole “yo/oy” thing is cute. Just pick your spots!

  • Jorale-man

    Totally agree. Brooklyn Bridge Park seems to have a thing against letting lawns be simple lawns. You can see how much grass they’ve killed around Piers 1 and 3 this summer with two different installations. This one is especially a shame because that grass is freshly planted and actually looks very lush and healthy. And I say this as someone who strongly supports public art.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    Update: the unveiling event has been cancelled because of weather.