Autumn Scenes from Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park

This weekend afforded perfect weather for brisk walks through the Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park, and I was able to get some photos of fall blooms and foliage, as well as other scenes. Asters were in bloom in the Brooklyn Heights Promenade gardens near the Remsen Street entrance.

IMG_3398Seen from the newly opened outer portion of Pier Six, Brooklyn Bridge Park, this yawl was sailing past Governors Island.

IMG_3399The Promenade, and One Pierrepont Street, seen from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

IMG_3421Looking westward from the foot of Remsen Street.

IMG_3430Fall foliage at the south end of Pier One, Brooklyn Bridge Park.

IMG_3427The Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, seen from Pier One.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    I wish to formally protest the harsh, overzealous and unwarranted actions of the #@%*& sanitation dept. for preventing the prime male autumn activity that every real boy or man must perform in the time just prior and just after election day; the imperative of…swishing through the leaves!

    Really, every real boy ( and fully grown boys) HAS to stamp and swishy through the leaves recalling their days as brave trappers on Hudson bay (off Willow or Pierrepont). This activity is so important to the mental health and family life of so many that the fact that any agency of government would make it difficult or try to discourage this critical, yearly activity is an outrage. I have it on good authority that agents of this department are encouraging the collection of this works of nature into containers instead of allowing them to remain in place for myself and all normal male animals to conduct our annual seasonal activity. This is a outrage and a total breech of the role of government!

  • HereToStay

    Nice shots – best time of year in the hood (other than right after a snowfall)!

  • alexblac

    Greenwood Cemetery yesterday was unreal, strongly recommend a walk there in the coming days before it’s all gone.

  • Teresa

    These are so lovely, Claude–thank you!

  • Andrew Porter

    And I’m so ancient, I remember when people burned the leaves. A wonderful smell. Nowadays, composting them is so much more environmentally friendly. But, still…