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  • Anon

    Does anyone know where Satnicks, the jewelry store that used to be off Court has moved to? I can’t login to their supposed website. Thanks!

  • Parent

    There were a number of posts on the local parents email about a small group of young teens (including a girl with pink hair) harassing passerbys and cyclists in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Apparently the group throws things at children, tries to hit people and kids that walk by, as part of a game. Be careful all, especially those with young children.

  • Concerned

    I saw this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like people are calling the cops when they are assaulted. Documenting these assaults are the only way it seems we will get better security/police at BBP.
    Also, this is a group of children/teenagers that need to be dealt with now.

  • Remsen St Strollin

    Has anyone heard any updates on when the balance of Pier 6 in BBP will open? It looks like it has basically been ready (and I guess waiting on city approvals?) for the last two months. Also the same question regarding the bridge to the park, but god knows that topic has been beaten to death…

  • Heights Homie

    Why is the Hotel St. George still scaffolded? There is no notice saying when the permit concludes (and I believe this has been the case for years).

  • Reggie
  • Teresa

    I walked past the State St spot (just off Court) the other day and the awning/signs are still there. Maybe a reprieve?

  • RJG

    No news that I’m aware of. This space is on our block and I go by it many times a week when I’m walking the dog. I’ll be sure to post an update if I come across any gossip.

    As an aside, here’s a bit of neighborhood history: the “Alex” shoe maker who was on Clark just east of Henry back in the early 1980’s moved into this space on State and stayed there until he retired. Satnick’s followed after bouncing around several locations in the downtown.

    I doubt Satnick’s will return. The current property owner is trying to refurbish the residential units upstairs but the DOB has rejected the first version of the plans. Assuming the work gets approved and completed I would still guess any returning and/or new commercial tenants on the ground floor are looking at a delay of a year or two.

    NYC DOB BIS link:

  • HereToStay

    That only revently went back up…

  • RJG
  • ShinyNewHandle

    The bridge to the park will (I predict) not reopen until work has finished on the southern building (which is right now being built up high right next to the bridge).

  • Willow Street Watch

    Here’s a question…why is it that the 84th Precinct community council’s meetings are SO POORLY ADVERTISED…they make it really hard for the community at large to find out when and where the meetings will be…

    Wasn’t always that way, uster was , they put up many dozens of “Action 84″ flyers at key, high visibility spots in the Heights and in surrounding areas, including the navy yard area. Well,

    NO MORE…

  • Willow Street Watch

    The end of easy access to the 84 meetings came shortly after Heights residents began showing up at the meetings openly questioning the policies of 1 police plaza. Needless to say, the PCC board members who were strongly left liberal were more than upset and the always present Fort Green residents went into melt down that anyone would question the actions of members of their community. Heights residents at this point were SO angry, that they were (gasp) immune to the R word. But once this happened, the answer of whoever had command of the PCC program, decided to lower public interest in the meetings by lowering the public visability of the meetings.

    One things for sure, several generations of PCC board members are VERY resistant to explaining or giving any access whatsoever to what they’re doing with the annual PCC publicity budget….

  • alyssabereznak

    This week’s HeightsCast is out! And hey Claude! We should definitely meet up.



  • Arch Stanton

    1. Because the work has not yet been completed.
    2. They are not required to post a notice when their permit expires, only the permit itself.
    3. they can renew the permit as needed.
    4. The Scaffold is there to protect people from falling debris.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Anyone else notice the new barter economy stapled to the trees of Korean War Veterans Plaza (southwest corner)?

    “Divorce Attorney Wanted

    “Licensed Electrical Contactor
    NY, NJ and Suffolk Long Island seeks to barter electrical services for divorce attorney representation. I have 6 more scheduled court dates left. Please call if interested A.S.A.P.”

  • Andrew Porter

    H & A Upholstery has very quietly opened up at 146 Montague Street, 2nd floor. This is apparently their office and showroom; the work gets done somewhere else. More info here:

  • Teresa

    I know I’m a little bit of a broken record about the movie/TV shoots…but when I got back to the neighborhood a little after midnight last night, I was shocked by the number of streets already completed blocked off, for shooting on a Sunday–metered spaces, alternate side spaces, at least half a dozen full blocks. I’m surprised (not really?) that filming would be scheduled/approved on a day that people don’t have to move cars, and the scourge of production assistants blocking off spots up to 12 hours before shooting is scheduled seems more than excessive.

  • Willow Street Watch

    The movie “industry” have a long history of abuse to this area. If you ever speak to any of these darlings you’d see what arrogant types a lot of these guys really are. They have disrupted other areas, like Little Italy in Manhattan. But when they became demanding or began forcefully “requesting” people off sidewalks/not enter their house (or block) over in Little Italy….they discovered there was a new invention which canceled all of their aggressive/disruptive/arrogant behavior.

    Its sold in marine supply outlets and its called a air horn……..

  • Jbk

    Has anyone else noticed a ridiculous amount of helicopter noise in THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? What the hell is up with this. Been happening around 2am last week and this week.

  • Teresa

    I have, and as I was up for a while around 2am last night, I couldn’t believe how long and how low they flew.

  • ldny

    They haven’t reopened anywhere. But the phone number (718) 852-1421 still works and the outgoing message says that although they are closed, if you leave a message, they’ll still try to help you.

  • HereToStay

    All I know is that I flew into New York over Brooklyn last week and looking out over our hood all I could think is that it’s a miracle we survive in any peace…. Crushed in between the giant park, BQE, Brooklyn Bridge and downtown and the riverfront, it’s incredible that it is not MORE loud than it already is…

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Thomas Cucco of pizza shop Table 87 appeared on Friday Night’s episode of Shark Tank (which I presume you can see on the ABC site, YouTube, or elsewhere). He wants to expand the pre-cooked, packaged slice/pie side of the business into more venues. (You’ll never guess which “shark” made a deal with him.)

  • Willow Street Watch

    Subjects to be discussed: Crime and Brooklyn Bridge Park, The nightly helicopter disruptions and what behind the 2AM overflights, What’s being done with the community council’s budget among many other items. Got a concern PR suggestion on neighborhood safety? Then come and be heard! Tonight 6:30 to 9:00PM….

  • Willow Street Watch

    Both jbk and teresa are exactly correct; the 2:08, as it has become known, disrupts by noise and vibration hundreds of households nightly across the Heights. It circles between State st and Poplar st anywhere between 1:35 and 2:20 AM looking for….what? To deepen the mystery, and as mentioned several times on this blog, anyone with a scanner soon leàrns that the communications coming off the craft are on Federal frequencies and are encrypted!! Want to guess how Dangerious flights at that low an altitude are? And now to make matters worse, they have started using a brigjht light..So now besides being jolted awake, you have to deal with the darlings shining a powerful searchght in your window at 2 AM; like you’re in some kind of a war zone or in Hungary in 1953, real nice….all this was brought out at the last police community meeting last month but there were only one or two there to complain…and the captain termed the voiced community concerns about the overflights “a conspiracy theory”…..

  • Roberto Gautier

    Denmark was given a fairy dust blessing by Hilary Clinton during her debate with Bernie Sanders. She said, We love Denmark, but we are the United States of America. Point taken, but may I stand with the so-called fairy dust crowd by praising the 10/19/15 article in the Business section of the New York Times. Norway has an ambitious program to subsidize a transition to electrically-powered vehicles as a way to reduce adverse pollution from the oil economy. Part of their approach is the electric ferry. Admittedly, this is an ironic and complicated bind, but emissions must be mitigated. As someone who lives too near the BQE and 24/7 traffic from the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge & Cadman Plaza West, doing something about this is critical. Plus, we should all think about the impact that marine vessels, water taxis, tug boats, cruise ships and the soon-to-be launched fleet of DiBlasio-sponsored diesel-powered ferries have on air pollution in NYC. Sadly, tug boats have a cute and innocent image from our childhoods that should be revamped.

  • heights res

    Alex was a fantastic shoemaker

  • Willow Street Watch

    An electric ferry? What if it gets wet? Or SINKS?? The entire harbor would be electrified! Seriously, there are a lot of vehicles which can be so converted. The trouble is, the more you accept present battery based technology, the less push there is for the development of 1) capacitor based systems and 2) Far, far, more importantly, the final development of over unity systems. Which is what world society really must have (Exactly what hundreds of leading researchers were working for prior to the installation of the scientific control mechanism in about 1920.)

    Tellingly, NO ONE in the highly controlled ecology/warming religion is ever willing to talk about anything realted to over unity or nonlinear physics