An Imminent Opening for the Bossert?

Can it be true? Can the long-awaited grand–and I do mean grand–re-opening of the Bossert finally be upon us?

The Brooklyn Paper says, yes, indeed. Or, maybe.

Fen Hotels, which runs dozens of hotels across Latin America and a handful in the United States, will be the operator of the landmarked Montague Street hotel and hopes to have the building once known as Brooklyn’s Waldorf-Astoria back open for business sometime during winter 2016, a company rep said.

The Bossert was purchased in 2012 from the Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to be transformed to its former glory as a destination hotel. While it’s unlikely that any of New York’s baseball teams will celebrate a World Series win there, as the Dodgers did in 1955, maybe we’ll finally be able to head to the roof and look out at the Manhattan skyline and sip cocktails at Brooklyn’s newest, hottest spot.


Read the full story at the Brooklyn Paper

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  • HereToStay

    Shame the W or another premier chain didn’t see the potential. I see this as a profit flip here soon — after the smaller group will not be able to pour the money that will be needed to keep it a destination. May be wrong. We’ll have to see.

  • Andrew Porter

    Once listings go on line, and the numerous websites that book hotels get the listing, I’d imagine bookings will pour in. The only inhibiting factor will be the lack of on-site parking. However, if you’re flying into NYC, that’s not going to be a factor.

    Here’s the view from the Bossert looking toward Manhattan in 1935 or so:

  • Teresa

    Do you have a source for that photo, Andrew?

  • Willow Street Watch

    Members of my family used to relate going to the Bossert roof where there was an orchestra and very elegant social dancing. They described a sort of scene the Fred Astaire/RKO movies later depicted. This was in the 1920’s and very early 30’s. But regarding the opening, the big question for the Heights is, what are we going to get here; the Sherry Netherlands or some 90’s early 2000’s post disco type late night party spot atmosphere? Just ask resifents of Chelsea and certain areas of the UES what that’s like…..

  • HereToStay
  • South Brooklyn Boys

    Apparently the owners are a nightmare to deal with and the big US hotel groups wouldn’t go near them with a barge pole.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, that says everything you need to know about their taste, mentality and likely effect on the Heights. Another great piece of our original highly valued Heights gone, mangled, trampled upon.

  • Robert Perris

    The owners made many commitments regarding noise and how the rooftop space would be used as part of the Board of Standards and Appeals application.

  • Robert Perris

    Of course, because a person or company or whatever is incapable of doing one thing in one context and something completely different in another.

  • gc

    Well now I’m completely assured that things will go well!

  • Brixtony

    Don’t worry about them – they go negative on everything, pining for the good ‘ol days when everything was perfect and no one talked back.

  • Darlene Alexander

    Hope the place won’t be haunted, LOL!

  • Concerned

    Is there a scary past to the building? Does Brooklyn Heights have any “ghosts” that are “well known”? I’ve never heard any good ghost stories around here.

  • Darlene Alexander

    No, I was just making fun of the JWs, they are obsessed with demons and Satan.

  • Robert Perris

    It certainly establishes datum.

  • HereToStay

    Figured as much – thanks for sharing. Still a shame. Well, even if crappy, the roof is bound to be nice — as far as view goes, anyway (a la the picture above).

  • eileen gray

    The dazzler people need to get familiar with downtown Brooklyn and its bridges. Their promo misidentifies the Manhattan Bridge as the Brooklyn Bridge several times. Not exactly local retail!