DUMBO Seeks Landmark Status

The DUMBO Neighborhood Association is placing ads in local papers as part of their campaign to get their nabe designated as a Landmark District.

Brownstoner PhotoDUMBO NYC: In September 2005, the chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission declared Dumbo “worthy of designation.” As soon as word got out, some developers and owners lobbied against designation. So the DNA is asking Dumbo residents, business owners, and artists to write to the Landmarks Commission to prevent teardowns of historic buildings such as the one on 205 Water Street.

The move for designation is given further urgency by what appears to be illegal and environmentally dangerous demolition of buildings in the area. The hurry-up tear-down of a former foundry at 205 Water Street [pictured] has alarmed immediate neighbors because it “entailed the removal of what may contain asbestos waste without the legally required independent third-party air condition monitoring.”

Photo: Brownstoner


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