Heights Missed Connection

From Craigslist comes yet another romantic and/or disturbing "Missed Connection":

images.jpgYou: wearing a coat with a sort of large checkerboard pattern. Some of the squares had what looked like an outline of Kazakhstan in them and others had… Arabic calligraphy? Red pants. The longest hair I've seen in years, revealed when you removed a cute funky dark pointy hat.

Me: Goatee, neck tattoo, gray wool hat. Gray sport jacket over blue hooded sweatshirt. Carrying a camera bag and backpack. I got off before you at High St. but I live in dumbo, not brooklyn heights. I could've sworn you gave me an almost quizzical look as I left.

If you were as disappointed that I failed to talk to you as I obviously am, let's rectify the situation over a beverage. I'd love to hear the stories behind your coat and hat.

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