DOE Says CEC Will Have Plans for P.S. 8 Re-Zoning By August 31st

The District 13 Community Education Council (CEC) has just announced the DOE’s Office of District Planning is working to deliver a school re-zoning proposal to them by August 31st.   The CEC expects the plan to reduce the P.S. 8 zone in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO, affecting both P.S. 8 and P.S. 307.  The CEC has vowed to make the proposal available to the public via “multiple channels” including their website.  Read the CEC’s full statement here.


As they await the DOE proposal, the CEC is seeking feedback from the parents, families and community members. An earlier CEC post calls the community’s participation “crucial” and asks for feedback “either on…the proposal (once released) itself, key issues you think need consideration, ways in which both the DOE and CEC can better communicate, concerns you may have with the DOE process & timeline, etc.” Comments will be sent to both the CEC and the Office of District Planning.


Re-zoning will be the “primary topc” at the the CEC’s next Calendar Meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm Wednesday, September 30 at P.S. 307.  These meetings are open to the public and the agendas are published by the CEC at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.


The CEC has been working with the Department of Education’s Office of District Planning since July. The CEC’s re-zoning sub-committee has been convening once a week since that time.  At the CEC’s working session last Tuesday, parents expressed great concern over the short timeline allotted for the re-zoning, a sentiment that is also shared by the CEC stating, “the CEC had asked the DOE that the rezoning proposal be delivered by now.”

As previously reported, the constrictions to the timeline-for better or for worse-are driven by the 2016-17 Kindergarten admissions period which takes place in January.  This leaves the remainder of August into November to devise, review, incorporate community feedback, revise and approve a final scenario.


CORRECTION:  This post has been revised.  Information concerning the Panel for Education Policy (PEP) has been removed.  The CEC is the only body that votes on re-zoning.

UPDATE: The CEC issued an update via their website to clarify that the DOE’s Office of District Planning is not delivering a final re-zoning proposal but multiple scenarios to be considered.  Also, the DOE is to deliver these scenarios the week of August 31st, not on August 31st.

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