Reminder: B.P. Adams’ Public Hearing on Library Sale at Borough Hall Tuesday Evening

As we reported earlier, Borough President Eric Adams will host a public hearing about the proposed sale of the Brooklyn Heights Branch of Brooklyn Public Library to a developer who would build a high rise residential and commercial building on the site with a new library on the ground and one below grade level. The hearing will be held this coming Tuesday evening, August 18, beginning at 6:00, at the Borough President’s Courtroom in Borough Hall; use the entrance at 209 Joralemon Street.

This hearing is part of the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), which must be completed before the project may proceed.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    EVERYBODY should show up, no excuses, and give you opinion on this total scam. The first link in a wall of highrises the RE industry wants to build around the former Brooklyn Heights. Get it straight kids, either you cause a firestorm of real, serious protest or kiss the great and fragile national treasure the Heights unquestionably is good bye…

    And there is no substitute for a firestorm. You can’t fight cancer with aspirin or sugar cookies. Someone has to represent the prospect of a serious hazard for their actions or rapacious types will never stop their nonsens. Someone has to bell the cat. Otherwise accept domination.

  • Peter Liuzzo

    As I understand it, email also will be considered as testimony for part of the record and recommendations on the ULURP:

  • Willow Street Watch

    If you want to get your message of upset/outrage across to political/ government officials or the press for that matter ONLY a LIVE appearance
    Works. E mails, write a letter or faxes are FAR less effective. If you have a concern you really HAVE to show up and let your views be known….at like 2000 db!!!….

  • Doug Biviano

    If you really want to get your point across stop voting for the same old machine hacks and tell a friend.