Bloomberg to State: Give Us Brooklyn Bridge Park

Mayor Bloomberg told reporters today at his daily briefing that the city wants to take over Brooklyn Bridge Park from the state. A spokesperson for Governor Paterson tells the Brooklyn Paper that the state and city are working on a deal “right now”.

Update: NYS Senator Daniel Squadron (D-SD25) tells BHB’s Sarah Portlock, “I will not stand for a change in the park governance structure without the changes in the park that I’ve been fighting for. Brooklyn Bridge Park must be a real, world-class park and I look forward to working with the City, the State and the community to get it built.”

Squadron’s 5 point plan for BBP is centered around eliminating the proposal to build luxury condos to support the park and auditing the project’s finances. BBP will surely be on the agenda for Squadron’s Community Convention to be held this Sunday in Manhattan.

And a note: The news comes as Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation president Regina Myer is scheduled to unveil construction plans for Pier 6 on Monday night, March 16, at a Community Board 2 parks and recreation committee meeting (6 pm, Brooklyn Hospital on DeKalb Avenue at St. Felix Street). Newly-elected State Senator Daniel Squadron is also hosting a public meeting on Thursday night, March 19, where he will unveil his current vision for the park (6:30 pm, LICH Conference rooms at 339 Hicks St.).

Hear candidate Squadron discuss BBP and other issues on the Homer Fink Show originally aired in August 2008.

Brooklyn Paper: Few details emerged immediately after the mayor’s bombshell comment on Thursday afternoon, but state officials did confirm that the details are being negotiated at this time about transfering control of the 1.3-mile strip along the Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO waterfronts to the city — and, possibly, abandoning its controversial funding scheme that put housing and other revenue-generating operations inside the park footprint.

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  • Jeff

    Squadron is a joke. He won’t “stand for it”? What’s he going to do if he doesn’t get his way? Hold his breath? Throw a temper tantrum?

  • Jazz

    Marty! How ya been?

  • Publius

    The NY Observer has an article about Bloomie’s attempt at a (park) land grab:

  • Neighborhood Observer

    The park is potentially a great asset. Currently, it is a disaster in the making. For example, BargeMusic no longer has any parking. River Cafe is losing its parking. This in spite of the vast open area resulting from removal of the warehouses. There should be some accommodation so that the pioneers in the Fulton Ferry area are not squeezed out while the BBP in created. BTW – Is that a bike trail winding its way through the construction site?

  • Conjecture

    Think this City/State swap explains Koval’s resignation from the Conservancy?

    Think there are any other announcements coming?

  • Brooklyn Guy

    Neighborhood Observer: Agree with your view of TRC/Barge – who is asking for that parcel to be converted to more park that will make little difference? We have asked for parking in FFL for commercial tenants since the park’s inception and it is always unaccounted for. The path looks like that on recent renderings.

    Conjecture: Governance by a single entity, especially NYC, would simplify things for NYC Parks, the BBPDC, and probably the BBPC.