Hot Enuf 4 Ya?

Yeah, it’s hot. Hot enough to fry an egg on the Promenade pavement. It’s gonna be even hotter tomorrow, they say. So, someone must be lovin’ it. Yeah. Lizz, of Lizzmonade is lovin’ it.

IMG_1745_1Art appreciation is up, at least for Jeppe Hein’s “Appearing Rooms” on Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park.

IMG_1747_1Your correspondent found temporary bliss on this shaded path along the inland side of Pier 1.

IMG_1748_1It’s not good weather for ducks (though we may get some rain tonight).

IMG_1749_1Some sought the rays, others the shade.

IMG_1750_1It’s not too hot for a little ‘cue. (Is it ever?)

IMG_1752_1A sign that was a sight for your correspondent’s sore eyes. In the cool inside of the store, Waterfront’s staff dispensed tastes of a crisp, green-apple’y picpoul de pinet and a tongue-tingling gruner veltliner.

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  • Colombiaheightsperson

    Nothing like a $$$$$ lemonade to cool the heat. Thanks Lizz!

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s my secret for surviving the dog days of Summer: freeze a 1 or 2-liter bottle of water and carry it with you, preferably in a tote bag. Wrap it loosely in supermarket bags: they provide insulation. The ice inside can last up to 5 hours. Carry it so your hand is in contact with the bottle. It acts as a heat sink, chilling your blood so you’ll be comfortable in the hottest weather. Also, as the ice melts, you can drink delicious ice water.

  • Ann B Chapin

    sounds good to me!