Jeppe Hein’s “Please Touch The Art” at Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you haven’t been down to Brooklyn Bridge Park in the last two weeks, you should go and experience Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s “Please Touch the Art”; an exhibit that will remain in place at locations throughout the Park until next April. There are many variations of his “modified social benches,” which invite sitting in different ways than to which we are accustomed, or in some instances, as in the photo, climbing.

IMG_0730_1His “Mirror Labyrinth NYC” has a “now you see it, now you don’t” quality when approached from the lawn.

IMG_0929_1Inside, it invites the taking of simultaneous multiple selfies.

IMG_0982Hein’s “Appearing Rooms,” a platform from which jets of water form the “walls” of rectangular rooms that change location in apparently random fashion, is especially popular on hot days.

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  • Boerum Bill

    After experiencing this art, head down to Smorgasbord and chomp down on the artistry that is the Ramen Burger!

  • Solovely

    the modified social benches, are quite whimsical, and some of their forms, quite pleasing, but the color is simply unsettling and their presence grates one the nerves; i cannot stand looking at them for more than a few seconds; mirrors and fountains are pure fun, though! hooray! the children could not look more delighted!


    I think the bright colors were chosen with a purpose of promoting an unsettling feeling; a contrast of sorts to the serenity created by “nature” (green grass, blue skies, dark blue waters). I, too, found it a little too much at the beginnings, but now it totally makes sense to my eyes.