Community Board 2 Approves Library and Pier 6 Housing Plans, Both With Conditions

In a sometimes tumultuous meeting (see photo) Wednesday evening, with frequent shouting, chanting, and heckling from the public attendees, especially during the consideration of the Land Use Planning Committee’s recommendation that the planned sale of the Brooklyn Heights Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library be approved, with conditions, the full Community Board did approve that recommendation and conditions by a vote of 25 to 14, with four abstentions.

Following the library vote, many public attendees left. The Board then took up the proposal to ratify the approval given Monday by the Parks and Recreation Committee to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s proposed amendment to the Park’s Modified General Project Plan that would, reflecting the conditions of the settlement of the lawsuit brought by People for Green Space, reduce the height of the two proposed residential buildings (with a requirement that mechanicals be included in the height limit), include an affordable housing component, change the number of residential units in the two buildings, provide space for a 75 seat pre-K facility, provide other space for community use, and close the “loop road.” The full Board voted unanimously for the proposal, with the added requirement that the Park still must produce complete financial information justifying the need for revenue from the buildings as planned, before construction could begin.

Mary Frost’s Eagle story gives a detailed account of the meeting.

The library matter will next go to the Borough President, who will hold a public hearing at Borough Hall on Tuesday, August 18, starting at 6:00 p.m The next step for the Pier 6 housing issue is a public hearing by the Empire State Development Corporation that will take place the evening of Thursday, July 30 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at St. Francis College, Founders Hall, 180 Remsen Street.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    This was an amazing almost perfect example of an out of control finance and government. Some of the real high points came when the board chairman “ruled” that although the original land use meeting had failed to pass the measure and by the chairman’s and the manager’s own state-
    ments the board follows Roberts rules of order, the land use committee had every right to have a second vote! The Chairman THEN sounded like she remarked the board has the riight to make the rules as they saw fit!!! The place exploded. Whereupon the chairman shouted “Hey this is MY meeting!” The place went even wilder; teetering on total chaos.

    This was just a classic case of vested interests approaching a key (if low level) control mech anism in government both of which have already decided what will occur… Never mind what is reasonable or what the will of the people is.

    This is EXACTLY what the warnings/cautions during the formation of the CB system by many seasoned observers during the Lindsay era were about.
    No one listened then, and no one was listening to any outsider’s voices
    Wednesday night….

  • Michael D. D. White

    How Blindly Did CB2 Approve Library Sale/Shrinkage? Asked and Answered: Very!

    Here is a telling two minutes that occurred at the end of the Wednesday night meeting where the CB2 Board members documented that they were almost all very uninformed about the library sale and shrinkage they had just approved. .

    CB2 Denied Crucial Facts Before Approving Library Sale

  • Michael D. D. White

    Why was crowd’s spontaneous “Shame on you” chant when CB2 voted right on target?

    That and links to all the other coverage here:

    Brooklyn Community Board 2 Votes To Sell and Shrink Brooklyn Heights Library, Largely In the Dark, With Much Manipulation And Strong-Arming In Background- Developer’s Says He’s “Super-duper Excited” And Thankful

  • Michael D. D. White

    More about the upcoming Eric Adams Brooklyn Borough President hearing- details here: