This Coming Week at Brooklyn Historical Society

On Tuesday evening, July 14 at 6:30 the Brooklyn Historical Society will present “A Biography of East New York”:

East New York is where NYC’s future is going to happen, where City Hall plans affordable and inclusive housing, with residents and industry existing side by side. But East New York is by geography, class and race a far distance from the city’s centers of power and influence. To understand what it might become, hear from a panel of residents, advocates and experts on how the neighborhood got to where it is now.

Admission is $5; free for BHS and Green-Wood members; reserve tickets here.

Samuel Battles (photo with Mayor LaGuardia; John Tresilian for New York Daily News) was New York City’s first African American police officer. On Thursday evening, July 16, starting at 6:30, Daily News editorial page editor Arthur Browne will discuss his book, One Righteous Man: the Shattering of the Color Line in New York. Browne took an unpublished biography of Battles by Langston Hughes and added the results of his own archival research. Admission is $5; free for BHS and Green-Wood members; reserve tickets here.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    This is amazing. Under such August administrators as LaGuardia et al (including Vito Marchantonio) the east NY section went from a vital thriving neighborhood to….the American version of bombed out Berlin!
    Even in 1940’s ENY started to exhibit many of the rot conditions which shortly took down the whole of middle class New York. The Amboy dukes and a slew of other bums were real gangs. Even at the Height of Pitkin avenue as a shopping area, there were side streets people didn’t want to walk down. The housing stock even in the late 40’s started to spiral down. The “solution” of the city planners was more and bigger projects. The White flight turned into a torrent Then they transferred their wonderful “policies” to such areas like Flatbush. The Levitt’s were very pleased! Yes, we SHOULD all examine the history of east new York but not exactly as the PC control types would like…..

  • Andrew Porter

    Red-lining, whereby no mortgages were granted to lots of marginal neighborhoods, certainly helped the process along.

  • Willow Street Watch

    It was the BEHAVIOR of the community which got the areas redlined.
    A bank seeks to protect its depositors or an insurance company seeks to
    protect its ratepayers, and They’re the bad guys? YIPE!