Best BBQ in Brooklyn Heights Open Thread

Ok, the real answer is probably “get in a cab and go to…” , but we want to know where to go to get the best BBQ in the Heights.  For some reason, the phrase “throw another shrimp on the barbie” keeps echoing in our mind, most likely due to yesterday’s news that Aussie Rupert Murdoch’s Community News Group has snatched up the Brooklyn Paper.   So why not take that opportunity to discuss BBQ and enjoy this video from one of Australia’s  greatest exports:

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  • Publius

    Unfortunately, the cue that currently exists in the surrounding area is barely servicable.

    Dallas Jones’ meat is mediocre, but they do have some rockin’ collards, and other sides. The bleu cheese burger is also good.

    When it first opened, Pig ‘n Out was pretty good, but they went down hill rapidly and then closed.

    Pioneer used to be a good place in Red Hook, but they’ve closed.

    Best cue I’ve had in NYC is at Blue Smoke. DUB, IMHO, blows. Dinosaur is also pretty good.

  • Publius

    Opps, typo, s/b RUB, not DUB. Been listening to too much Thievery Corporation. ;-)

  • Claude Scales

    Ummm…while we’re on the subject of Australian Music:

  • alex

    Waterfront Ale House’s BBQ chicken sandwich is perhaps the best I’ve ever had. How they make it so moist, I have no idea.

  • fletch

    1. Me
    2. Waterfront Ale House
    3. Dallas Jones

  • Evo

    We typically always order from Dallas Jones, and though I’m not a huge fan of their chicken or rib dishes I absolutely LOVE their sandwiches (beef tip, pulled pork, etc…)

    Jake’s (which I believe is technically Carroll Gardens) is also pretty good in a pinch.

  • bklnman

    hts bbq is a tough one, but JAKE’s has a huge menu and many tasty options. it aint manhattan, but its better than most hoods have.

  • BklynJace

    Jake’s will deliver, so I say they count. And they get my vote.

  • Ernesto A

    Being originally from texas, I can attest to the best BBQ in NYC is Hill Country BBQ. This is real texas BBQ – not to be confused with Memphis\KC BBQ that is all about slabbing a bunch of sauce on not so well cooked meat. Hill Country is the closest thing you will find to real Texas Q in NY. They bring in the wood from Texas and server Shiner Bock beer. Definitely worth checking out:

  • yo

    i will second hill country….so so good…maybe they can open up an outpost on montague…

    how could that fail????

  • In PV

    In the neighb, has to be Waterfront – it’s passable/serviceable. Just above Dallas Jones and then Jakes which are both ok.

    I have been to Hill Country about half a dozen times – even went to their first all-you-can-eat Monday night back in Feb. For Texas style, its good if you are missing it. Compares marginally well to the Q in the real Hill Country, Texas. Check out Salt Lick at the Big Apple BBQ (6/13-6/14) for good Texas style Q if you can deal with the lines. (If ever in Austin, pick-up a full brisket from their Airport location – and bring back with you on the airplane.) Agree with Publius – not a big fan of R.U.B. Don’t know why they get their rave reviews at all. IMHO, I think Dinosaur and Blue Smoke are the best – if you don’t have too strong of a Q style preference.

  • Billy Reno

    In the nabe – Waterfront
    Smoke Joint has the best pulled pork sandwich ANYWHERE EVER!
    Hill Country – BEST OVERALL!