Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, Seen From a Brooklyn Heights Rooftop

At dusk, a great flotilla of boats small and large, sail and motor, filled the harbor from below Brooklyn Heights to the channel between lower Manhattan and Governors Island. Police and Coast Guard vessels, lights flashing, darted here and there, making sure all was secure and ready.

IMG_1503Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Picnic Peninsula was jammed with spectators.

IMG_1501_1The fireworks barge awaited the order to start.

IMG_1510At about 9:30 the show began. Below are some of my better shots of the fireworks:






Here’s the grand finale:


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  • Willow Street Watch

    Thanks for the nice pix. We watched fromColumbia Hts. My family and I were divided as to the quality of this year’s fireworks. We were glad it wasn’t the Gucci’s again. While their quality was consistently exec.their syle year after year had become old hat. But this year even though amost of the elements were very good, the show as a whole didn’t for us gel. For all itselements, it was less than properly involving. And pink and teal fireworks for the fourth? Hey guys its supposed to be a patriotic celebration (I know, how un-PC of me to say)

    By the way, there was a new wrinkle in the police/DHS/whatever surveillance this year: they had a twin prop fixed wing aircraft flying overhead repeatedly. Reason? Well, you can get a LOT more surveillance gear on board a mid sized twin prop than on the typical helo….

  • LDS

    Great pictures Claude. And a beautiful clear night. Also fortunate to be on a rooftop and not at the picnic area of BBP!

  • AEB

    Looked just like fireworks….

  • Peter Loibl

    This year was admittedly the first time I watched the Fireworks show from the Promenade (even though I have lived in the neighborhood for 10 years)

    It will also be the last. What a sh-t show … aggressive people pushing and bickering, with some assclowns sitting on temporary scaffolding above, endangering everyone below them (including my kids … I was quick to let him know my opinion on the matter I assure you).

    To avoid sounding like a total curmudgeon, my boys did have a great time watching the show, and my oldest son’s smile made dealing with the raucous tourists quasi worth it. But it was a one and done for me, for sure …

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Great fireworks; a poetic display.

    Distracting white plane & helicopter interrupted the revery every couple of minutes.

  • MaryT

    Last year’s were by far more artful and engaging. But, a rousing good time still was had on the terrace. Hats off to all that braved the Promenade.