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  • DIBS
  • Willow Street Watch

    TONIGHT is the CB 2 meeting on the “Transfer” of our library to “develop
    ers” EVERYONE reading this should attend and (at 2000 db) let your voice be heard. If you consider yourself someone who values the unique and historic environment of the Heights. Do you value the years of great service provided to thousands of patrons? Do you trust the real estate sector in their promises to provide the same service?

    Then you have NO excuse not to attend this critical gathering…

    CB 2 meeting. Polytechnic School 5 Metrotech. Dinner Building,
    Room LC 400. Be There!

  • Arch Stanton

    The fence around the top looks terrible. They should extended the brick facade above the roof line and add a simple frieze under the cornice.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    The top three residential floors don’t go with the base at all. And that is a disappointment. (At least the ground floor will be retail space.)

  • Jorale-man

    I’m not wild about the (apparent) double-height retail front. It looks like it’s designed to fit a big-box store (or at least a large Duane Reade) – not a couple smaller storefronts that are more in keeping with the streetscape.

  • Teresa

    I’ve got a computer that needs some pretty non-complicated work–probably virus/malware removal, speeding up a slow, over-worked system. Any local recommendations?

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I like it! Apparently the only one.

  • LDS

    Teresa, try IT Shop – 26 Court St, Room 911. Looks like a broom closet full of odds and ends of computer parts. They used to work out of the back of the FedEx store in that little arcade between Court and Montague. I’ve used them a couple of times and like them. 718-222-8888.

  • Witness

    Awful. Really surprised this has been approved.

  • Teresa

    Thank you!

  • Willow Street Watch.

    Queston: what did everyone think about the CB 2 meeting on the proposed sale of the library to the Hudson co? LOTS of fireworks
    app. led to a tie vote and the measure, a prior shoe-in, being tabled…
    What did everyone think of the, at times near melt down….

  • MaryT

    Wow. I had to leave early, sorry to miss the outcome. Good-O, CB2. Hope to see a full article soon, Mr. Claude.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Typical uninspired, totally lacking in value yuppie ugly design. Its amazing, these people are such a cult of banality. All you have to do is to go to any architectural library and there are hundreds of wonderful esthetic designs this size. All one would have to do is pull the plans a clone. Not these types
    What they have to design to please their tasteless clients who want to pander to their culture-less end users. Not one shread of the historic character of the Heights. Which neither the bu8lders, designers or wonderful end users know or care a wit about.

    This is just EXACTLY the danger of the invasion we are seeing; the cultural
    displacement these people cause.

  • Willow Street Watch

    This is the cultural swamping of the genuine original irreplaceable Heights culture and estectic with a wave of uglyness, bnality and

  • memeadjuster

    Generic glass & brick box.

  • ShinyNewHandle


  • Brixtony

    The building is bland and generic. Your comments are ugly and xenophobic. I hope your particular brand of culture is displaced as soon as possible

  • Brixtony

    Ugly, banal and stupid:you’ve summed up your comments quite succinctly.

  • Andrew Porter

    Design doesn’t include the 30-foot high bulkhead on the top of the building, which will include HVAC equipment—and rooftop bar!

    Hey, if the Pierhouse can get away with this…

  • Andrew Porter

    Meanwhile, any word from Kenn Lowey about his plans for a new home for the Heights Cinema?

  • Andrew Porter

    As I’ve said before, when I moved here, that building housed a hardware store, with a barber shop on the Orange Street side.

  • Andrew Porter

    Is it Mac or Windows? Judging from your post, Windows. If you have Mac problems, you could ask Kenn Lowy, former owner of the BH Cinema, who also does Macs. Google for his contact info.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Hmm…now if we could only convince the owner of the rooftop bar to screen indie films…

  • LDS

    Should’ve mentioned, they only do PCs not Macs.

  • ws gilbert

    As someone who lives nearby, roof top films with a bar is NOT something we’d like to see.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    As someone who prizes tranquility, I assure you I was merely being ironic. Not to worry, it seems our neighborhood will remain safe from the intrusive effects of independent cinema for the time being… :)

  • Roberto Gautier

    Dumbo was the elephant who thought he could fly. That Disney character’s experience might inspire us to look squarely at our “flying” neighborhood. It’s really flying away drugged by greedy fantasies and its blind fixation on an unsustainable condo economy with no infrastructure to support it. Elements of community are being erased as we speak. Who can ignore the transformation of the HIgh Street subway station into Grand Central? With a massive influx of population that might one day need medical services, what genius would imagine closing LICH was a good idea? The 84th precinct cannot keep up with the policing needs of the neighborhood. Dumbo is not the only elephant in the room.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Finally a sane take on the tulip craze Dumbo represents. Bravo.

    It’s the J rule: If you increase the use of an area…you want more/better infrastructure AND most of all you want more cops, fire and ems as an airtight guarantee BEFORE anything else goes forward!

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    How did St. Ann’s manage to transfer Development Rights to the proposed Library Co-op building. Here’s what it says on some City site:

    Only thing is they have words like “in limited circumstances, usually to promote the preservation of
    historic build­ings, open space or unique cultural resources.”

    None of those seem to apply here – I guess St. Ann’s simply was better represented than the Save the View Now crowd – WAY better!

    Or do the W’s always go to the pro-development crowd?

  • ShinyNewHandle

    The Fire Dept. is outside of PS 8 again tonight. Is the damp weather making an alarm malfunction? (I heard nothing… )