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  • Eddyde

    I chuckled reading your post. Back in the 60’s 70’s many kids played in those areas, we called the “Bushes”. More fun than the playground itself. There were several ways in, slip through certain bars that were wider (worked till you grew too big), over the top (spike hazard) or over the brick walls at the bathrooms (when you got older). The parks department eventually even cut a couple of the bars out to make safe access.
    Good to see some youngster is still carrying the torch :)

  • Bornhere

    Not happy news….

  • William Gilbert

    But this promenade does not!

  • Willow Street Watch

    When I say superbike that means a Japanese motorcycle which represents the say top 10 to 20% of the cost and performance scale. Exactly what the gang on the West side drive had. That was what was running up and down the promenade. As far as bicycles, when you have a group of late teens riding going deliberately close to couples or attempting to hit the backs of people’s heads for a goof, both of which I’ve repeatedly seen, that’s enough folks.

    Its time for some serious policing. When it comes to really dangerous or objectional behavior, arrests and (properly written) summons count. Period. And you want early enforcement before the games become an entrenched subculture….

  • Teresa

    Sorry for the confusion, William; I didn’t say that I thought bikes on the Promenade were a good idea. I don’t. But they are not the result of the Park; people complained about them for years before the Park opened. But you can’t blame them; the signage is minimal and easy to miss.

  • Lori


  • lori

    Mt. Sinai Urgent Care is excellent, but it doesn’t replace a hospital

  • miriamcb

    We also used the NYU ER at the old LICH site a couple weeks ago. It was very quiet and we found the nurses/doctors to be very capable.

  • MaryT

    Thanks, RJG. Higher residential height limits, changes in parking restrictions, odd maps that make no sense, all in the name of ‘senior and affordable’ housing – I smell a rat. And what is a ‘contextual envelope’?

  • Eddyde

    Point being, the bicycle ban on the BHP seems more like an arbitrary rule than a standard policy.

  • ltap917

    The only time I ever saw a police presence on the Promenade was when the president was in town.
    Riding bikes on the Promenade is prohibited YET I’ve never seen any law enforcement officer do anything about it. That’s because they are never on the Promenade. Had to stop sitting on the Promenade at night years ago due to a bunch of teens drinking out of brown paper bags and getting nastier by the minute.

  • RJG

    There are several proposed changes to zoning in NYC that are now available for public comment. All the details and the timeline can be found at:

    * * * * *

    I’m only now beginning to learn about zoning so all I can do is pass on the NYC definition of “contextual zoning” from the planning department’s glossary.

    “Contextual zoning regulates the height and bulk of new buildings, their setback from the street line, and their width along the street frontage, to produce buildings that are consistent with existing neighborhood character. Residential and commercial districts with an A, B, D or X suffix are contextual zoning districts.”

    * * * * *

    The maps and comments for the Community Board 2 area were created to show locals what, if any, changes to existing zoning was being proposed; the complete zoning text for all parts of NYC runs to about 3,700 pages.

  • Shira
  • gatornyc

    Also had a great experience at the NYU Langone ER, when my young son needed stitches. There was literally no wait and the treatment was efficient, friendly, and professional. Couldn’t have been more pleased.

  • RJG

    Thanks for the info! Won’t be able to make it but wish I could. I’ve been surprised how fine-tuned the zoning is. We’re in the special downtown Brooklyn district in the C5-4 envelope along Boerum Place so we’re getting lots of new neighbors.

  • Shira

    I can only imagine what will happen if deBlasio gets the CB6 zoning changed. I’m not anti-development, but there needs to be a comprehensive plan about infrastructure issues along with all of this building.

  • StoptheChop

    Well, Fortis is taking total advantage of the LICH parcels being excluded from the historic district—- with deBlasio’s total support.

  • Shira

    I know, and it makes me furious. If there is some way to bring residents together to fight this out of context development, I’m willing to pitch in to help.

  • Concerned

    I’m not sure you understand what the term “arbitrary” means. Even if I gave your assertion that other NYC promenades allow bikes, credence, that doesn’t mean every other promenade is the same. Each promenade has its own issues to deal with. Are you privy to all of the reasons that each promenade has its own rules, or are you simply making assumptions?

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Unfortunately, the LICH campus was not made part of the Cobble Hill landmarked district.

  • Guest

    Any recommendations for a great yoga class/instructor in the area? Would love a class without too much chanting.

  • Eddyde

    Yeah sure, the NYC Parks Department carefully weighed all the “reasons” to taylor the bike policy to each location… laughable.

  • heights res

    Still no longer receiving the Brooklyn Heights Blog emails

  • Concerned

    Your assumptions piled on top of assumptions are laughable. But hey, why not keep piling them up, it’s the Internet!!!

  • Eddyde

    After living in BH for over half a century, there are certain things I know about how city government operates. That’s not an assumption.

  • GHB

    Taylor? Swift? Elizabeth?

  • RJG

    Near the freshwater pond on Pier 1 on Saturday at 6 a.m.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Looks like it might be a map turtle or a terrapin with a shell deformity. It’s a female… (I used to raise turtles as a kid.)

  • RJG

    Thanks for the info. From what I’ve read on the web I’m guessing it’s a map turtle as it “quickly” headed off the path as I approached.

  • huntergatherer

    unrelated topic but i saw u posted some things re 150 joralemon years ago…i see there are some units for sale there that seem decent..any new thoughts on this property before jumping in? much appreciated.