What’s Worse? Getting Towed or Getting Booted?

Oy to the vey.

Those of you who have opted not to have a car in New York City are excused from this conversation. We get it, you feel great about that decision. And to be honest, it’s the most sensible one.

But for many of us, having a car is a necessity and alternate side parking rules are the bane of our existence. Forget to move your car (or like Homer be so sleepy one morning as to move the car to the WRONG side of the street) and you get towed. We’ve noticed that our friends in the NYPD have been booting more cars lately, like this one we spotted on Cranberry Street this morning. Friend, we feel your pain.

So which is worse – the boot or the tow?

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  • Lori

    Getting towed is wore, because you can be towed for being a few minutes late – and it’s a one-time offense. Getting booted infers that you have multiple offenses.

  • Lori


  • MonroeOrange

    i noticed all over manhattan, cars were booted today. West and east sides today…so there must be a citywide blitz going on….but of course if you are getting a boot put on your car it usually means you have hundreds of dollars of outstanding fees, so i have no problem with the city doing this…pay your tickets!