Forget Lena Dunham, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson Is Brooklyn Heights’ Coolest Resident

Girls creator Lena Dunham has a place in Brooklyn Heights, but she’s just purchased a house in Los Angeles. The cool thing about that is that it’s the former home of the A-Team’s George Peppard. That dude was cool.

For some, Girls is an unwatchable show. Watching it is like seeing a scripted version of Snapchat or Tinder. Interesting for some, notsomuch for others.

However, Comedy Central’s Broad City, which stars Brooklyn Heights resident Abbi Jacobson – which is to Dunham’s series what Seinfeld would have been to ThirtySomething – is one of the best shows on TV. They’re the new Lucy and Ethel.

John Stewart hit the nail on the head this week about why it’s so enjoyable – the absolute “joy” conveyed on the show. The adventures of Jacobson and partner Ilana Glazer in the show channel every great comic team in history – Abbott and Costello, Cheech and Chong, the Marx Brothers, Firesign Theater, Monty Python, etc – every week. They’re here to entertain us while they hold a mirror up to society and make us laugh at ourselves.

And this season, the show’s second, has been outstanding. Even America’s Sweetheart Kelly Ripa has jumped onto the magic bandwagon:

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  • CHatter

    Broad City is a really funny show. After John Stewart leaves the Daily Show, it may be the only reason to keep my cable subscription. Welcome to the neighborhood Abbi!

  • Monty

    As reported elsewhere, the show’s producer lives in BH as well. He is married to Amy Ryan who did a great cameo last week.