Landmarks Application Reveals Chez Moi Wants To Expand To Cellar

final 135 Atlantic Avenue.pdfThe cellar at Chez Moi is just used for storage, but they want to use it as either an expansion of the current restaurant or as a different restaurant operation. Either way, they are charged with improving egress if they change the use of the cellar.

final 135 Atlantic Avenue.pdfThat led them to the Landmarks Preservation Commission on Tuesday. Architect John Bedard of Manhattan-based Kushner Studios presented the plan for new stairs and a railing to replace the existing hatch at 135 Atlantic Avenue.

final 135 Atlantic Avenue.pdfIt didn’t fly with the commissioners. LPC chair Meenakshi Srinivasan said the proposal “doesn’t really add to the streetscape” and called it “awkward.” Commissioner Diana Chapin also said it didn’t look appropriate. Commissioner Frederick Bland, a proud longtime Brooklyn Heights resident, asked about ADA access.

In the end, the applicant was asked to re-work the proposal, possibly with something that, while having more of an impact on the existing storefront, would be more contextual.

Evan Bindelglass is a local freelance journalist, photographer, cinephile, and foodie. You can e-mail him, follow him on Twitter @evabin, or check out his personal blog.

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  • DIBS

    In that commercial neighborhood, these concerns from LPC are all rather ridiculous.

  • ujh

    I beg to differ. Whether it’s ridiculous to you is besides the point. This side of Atlantic Avenue lies in the Historic District, and for this reason all outside alterations are subject to LPC approval.