Morning Walk Photos in Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park: Birds, Boats, and Dogs

As I left for my morning walk yesterday, I saw a very well-fed looking robin (photo above) foraging in front of my building. Robins are supposed to be a harbinger of spring; does this one know something I, and the weather forecasters, don’t?

IMG_8984_1Spring seemed far away when I got to Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and saw two ducks swimming past ice floes in the embayment between Piers 5 and 6.

IMG_8988_1As I reached the end of Pier 5, HMS Justice was heading south, out of Buttermilk Channel. “HMS” does not mean “Her Majesty’s Ship” but rather “Harley Marine Services,” her owner.

IMG_8991_1Here’s another view of HMS Justice heading up the East River toward the Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG_8993_1Here’s a view from the north side of Pier 5, looking toward the park and the BQE.

IMG_8996_1Two chilly looking ducks in the channel between Pier 3 and the shore.

IMG_8997_1Seagull chillin’ on a floe between Piers 2 and 3.

IMG_8998_1More ducks on the kayak launching platform at Pier 2.

IMG_9002_1From the south side of Pier 1, I saw old friend Dorothy J. towing a barge “on the hip,” i.e. “The tug ties up alongside the tow, typically aft of the midpoint of the tow.” (Thanks to Working Harbor Committee and the late Capt. John Doswell.) An NYFD fireboat is in the background.

IMG_9005_1Looking across to Manhattan and the South Street Seaport Museum, I saw the Gloucester fishing schooner Lettie G. Howard tied abeam of the lightship Ambrose. Lettie was covered with a protective tarpaulin which was in turn covered in snow. Aft of Ambrose was a New York Water Taxi ferry.

IMG_9007_1As I sat on a bench on Pier 1 taking a break to check my phone, I saw the pretty Coastline Baystar.

IMG_9012_1These two romped in the snow at Hillside Dog Park.

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  • Ann B Chapin

    Nice photos Claude! Thanks for taking me around the neighborhood when I can’t quite make it myself. :-)

  • jvaningen

    I agree, Ann!

  • ujh

    Claude, thanks for your photo safari. More than a week ago, I counted 18 robbins sitting in the trees along the Harborview Lawn steps. I’d never seen robbins sitting in trees as they usually look for worms or grubs in the ground, but the snow cover was solid. I’ve previously encountered lots of robbins in the NY Botanical Garden right after the snow melts. Regardless of local weather conditions, their biological clock probably induces them to head north at this time of year.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve seen robins in the trees outside my house, eating the spring buds on the trees, a good source of nourishment for them. All the worms and insects are still vacationing in Florida and Georgia…