Eamonn’s Re-opens in Taperia’s Old Spot

It’s back for another round. Eamonn’s, the beloved Irish pub that closed in 2012 after serving Brooklyn Heights for 17 years has re-opened in its new location, 132 Montague Street, effective as of Wednesday lunch hour. The hours of the new Eamonn’s run from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. weeknights, with kitchen open till 1 a.m. The restaurant will be serving a limited menu to start with Irish bar favorites and will also be taking delivery orders over the phone.

A fully updated website, social media accounts and Seamless delivery options will follow, according to Terry Traynor, co-owner of the new Eamonn’s and the previous co-owner of its old namesake. “We will have all the forms of communication of a modern restaurant, as well as a fax machine,” Traynor told BHB.

Eamonn’s new location was last occupied by Taperia, a Spanish tapas bar, which closed abruptly last week. Traynor said that he couldn’t comment on why Taperia, which opened not that long ago in October 2013, had shut its doors for good. However, Traynor told BHB that he and Taperia’s owners had entered into a “mutual” partnership, making it possible to re-open Eamonn’s at 132 Montague. “Apparently the closing of [the old] Eamonn’s left a big void in a lot of people’s lives, and the opportunity to re-open presented itself in Taperia,” Traynor said.

According to Traynor, the location of the former Taperia has been closed for the past week and a half in order to perform minor renovations and alterations, including a glorious new Eamonn’s sign out front. When this reporter visited, the interior looked roughly similar to before with more pub accents at the bar and dining room. Traynor also said that some elements of Taperia would be incorporated in the new Eamonn’s. “We’re taking the old and the new and fusing them together,” he told BHB.

Traynor says during the past three years since the old Eamonn’s closed, he’s spent his time bartending, managing restaurants, and taking courses around New York City. He’s been encouraged by Brooklyn Heights’ residents reactions to the the return of Eamonn’s to the neighborhood, but is wary of anyone expecting the exact same experience as before, noting the neighborhood itself has also changed. “Eamonn’s was special, it had a lot of great chemistry,” Traynor said. “Will it be the same? Probably not, but we can try.” Traynor said that further updates on the new Eamonn’s will follow and asks interested customers to come down and “stay tuned.”

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  • Heightsman

    Same owners, different name?

  • Bongo

    More like same half-owner, different name, no?

  • BillABong

    How about half the original owner and half the original name.

  • Heightsman

    I could say so much more but I just won’t waste the space or time. Can’t wait to fax them from my home in the 1980’s.

  • Mary

    This makes me happy. There’s nothing like an Irish pub to put the ‘neighbor’ back in neighborhood. My daughter had her 16th birthday party at the old Eamonn’s. The staff couldn’t have been sweeter. Slainte!

  • MONTague

    Great…let’s trade mediocrity for more mediocrity! Just what the neighborhood needs heavy “nostalgia” and light quality

  • suzanne goss

    here is hoping they put the sound on for sports if they will be showing them on tv, and turn off the blaring jukebox

  • Reggie

    “Traynor says during the past three years since the old Eamonn’s closed, he’s spent his time bartending, managing restaurants, and taking courses around New York City.” Not to mention the failed attempt to open a restaurant on Clark Street.

  • CHatter

    This is great, welcome news. You all can whine all you want on your computers and mobiles about half-owners. I for one am going out for a pint tonight (a whole one).

  • ShinyNewHandle


  • Brixtony

    I sincerely hope it’s the other way around.

  • MonroeOrange

    this neighborhood needs more nostalgia…i would much rather have a neighborhood institution reincarnated than another starbucks, nail salon, clothing store etc. Montague used to be home to some great places, the Saloon!, Annies Blue Moon! Taco Madre! that little bakery which was next to where ann loft is! Soundtracks!….i don’t even recognize this once great neighborhood anymore…and what do we get for not having nostalgia? a blocked view from the promenade and crappy chain stores….

  • Andrew Porter

    Although I seldom drink any more, I do enjoy eating Irish Pub food…