Eamonn’s in Brooklyn Heights Closing

Emmonn’s In Brooklyn, the Irish pub and restaurant at 174 Montague Street that has served the community for 17 years, will be closing its doors permanently on June 17. A manager on duty told BHB that the owner of the building is converting the space into condos.

The Brooklyn Eagle is also reporting the story Saturday here, which quotes Eamonn’s GM Heloise Traynor confirming that landlord Robar Inc. sold the building and its air rights to a developer, who plans to turn it into condos. Eamonn’s shares the two-story building at 172-174 Montague St., between Clinton and Court streets, with Hallmark.

“It’s the end of an era. We’re very sad for our whole extended family here,” Traynor told the Eagle. “It’s just a shame all the mom-and-pop shops are getting pushed out. It’s impossible to keep up with these rents, absolutely impossible; whoever they get in here is going to be a chain store.”

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  • Knight

    This should give a warmer welcome to the Irush pub that’s opening in the former LaTraviata space. Maybe some of Eammon’s employees can get jobs right across the street. Anyone hear when that’s set to open?

  • lori

    Looking at a two story building sandwiched in between two tall buildings, I am not surprised that it’s going to be rebuilt as a condo.

  • TeddyNYC

    Does this mean the Hallmark store is closing as well? If it is closing, I’ll miss it (unless they find a place to move to on Montague).

  • Van

    Yep, Hallmark store too.

  • Andrew Porter

    The restaurant was named for its founder, Eamonn Doran, I believe, who died suddenly a few years ago.

  • elemengee

    I’m sorry to see Eamonn’s go. It used to be a great place for brunch and private little parties. I don’t understand how a landlord can look around at the condos and rentals that have recently been completed and remain empty and think another condo is going to make him more money. I’ll sorely missed the Hallmark store. There are enough restaurants and bars on the street to make up for the Eamonn loss, but we’ll have to go back to relying on the skimpy, uninspired card selections in the drugstores when Hallmark is gone. Too bad!!

  • David on Middagh

    Elemengee, for cards one can also go to the Barnes & Noble, to Fusion Designs Gallery (South side of Atlantic Ave, #140), and to the P.S. Bookshop in DUMBO. (Also, it’s an open secret that Trader Joe’s has a small rotating selection of cards for 98 cents.)

  • Michael

    City Chemist has a nice selection of cards too.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I rarely go to the Hallmark store as I have always been able to find cards in other places. Yes, even at Trader Joe’s where one can find a card for a buck.

  • She’s Crafty

    Eamon’s always seemed a little off to me. I wonder where that bar crowd will go.

  • Knight

    My guess is that they’ll move to the bar on Court just south of Remsen.

  • She’s Crafty

    Perhaps – I don’t know where those people come from, they don’t seem like they live around here.

  • Happy Neighbor

    Very sad when an established restaurant closes. However, the Hallmark store was never a favorite…it lacked creativity and merchandise..could have done a better job.
    Does anyone know when the Custom House is opening up? Also does anyone know about the Pool at the Pier…is that just for children, which Pier is it going to be at?

  • WillowtownCop

    Go to Lee’s and get materials to make your own cards. It takes hardly any time and is a thousand times nicer than buying a 98 cent card from the supermarket.

  • Hicks St Guy

    you rock, Willow Cop

  • Neighbor

    How high can they build a condo there?

  • http://www.stevenrosenphotography.com Steven Rosen

    Eamonn’s had the best bacon cheeseburgers for miles around not to mention a fabulous authentic Irish Breakfast. And always at a great price.

    Plus the kitchen was open till 2AM and as a night owl, I would commonly grab a late night burger there.

    I will miss them dearly.

  • Andrew Porter

    Neighbor, it’s not in the BH Historic District; look to the size of the building above Garden of Eden for your answer.