Open Thread Wednesday 2/11/15

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  • Heights Correspondent 1

    I can’t believe it’s Ash Wednesday. It was Christmas

    What did everyone think of the BH Press coverage
    of the BBP meeting? I thought it was OK

    Speaking of moral/ethical/spiritual issues; I and
    Others were taken back by the large illuminated
    Sign on the rear of the newsstand at Montague
    and Henry. It features a Corcoran Real Estate
    Ad with a half naked black woman lounging
    On a sofa apparently enjoying her apartment/
    Home environs…I and two friends noticed
    This repulsive display, which certainly demeans
    The station of all women when we saw several
    Groups of kids like 10 to 12 he olds making
    Obscene references to the sign. WHAT are
    the jerks at Corcoran, starting with Barbara
    Corcoran (a good Irish name) thinking about?
    Really Disgusting corporate behavior which,
    By the way, sends exactly the WRONG message
    To any bad guys what is acceptable in this

    The Real Estate follies continue, but as noted
    By other commenters, the basic measures
    Needed to safeguard the Heights are simply
    Not being taken. And there’s Never an explan
    ation as to why from our “leaders”. Many of the
    excellent comments on the new extended front
    Montague st building are indeed Sobering and

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Someone just called me to say that
    Ash Wed is NEXT week..sorry, I
    Thought it was too early. Easter Is
    early this year.

  • jazz

    Ms. Corcoran sold the company years ago.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    My goodness, PS 8. I know that if there is to be an average IQ, with some above, then necessarily some must be below average. I wouldn’t deny them employment, but must we give them white gloves and whistles?

  • ShinyNewHandle

    “By the way, sends exactly the WRONG message To any bad guys what is acceptable in this Community….”

    Ballet is NOT acceptable! Who does Misty Copeland, with her firm LA-by-way-of-Upper-West-Side haunches, think she is?

  • AEB

    Oh, dear, oh, dear! Putting aside your qualification of the image by race–would you have mentioned it if it were a white woman?–you must, in my opinion, consider how puritanical your response is.

    You may have noticed that advertising often makes appeals through sexual allure; and that the kids you mentioned, undoubtedly deeply plugged-into our sexualized, media-driven culture, are by now unshockable–though curious, as they should be at their age–in the face of displays such as you mention.

    BH shouldn’t be synonymous with censorship of the kind you seem to want. Quite the opposite.

  • johnny cakes

    You sound like a nut job.

  • ltap917

    So why don’t you call Corcoran headquarters and lodge a complaint?

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Looking in a mirror again? I warned you
    Not to do that…

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    The ad demeans all women, it offends on
    Basic Christian moral ethical and moral
    Values and minority women need further
    Degradation in our society? Listen to how
    Some of these rap music vermin address
    Women. And if children are assaulted
    Elsewhere then further moral assaults
    Here don’t matter? What an amazing
    Degenerate viewpoint….

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    I have and in writing and so have about a dozen
    Others that I know of.

    But one interesting point..I asked the dealer
    At the stand, who of course is a “new American”
    what would happen if he put the sign up in
    His former country, could he do this to “his”
    Country as he puts it..he simply to rolled
    His eyes….

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    If MY name was still on the door of a firm
    And they did something like this, especially
    In a community like BH, sold or not, I’d be
    on the phone stopping any behavior like

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Its really hard to respond to utter gibberish but all
    Children wherever they are schooled should be
    Spared from this kind of obscenity and treatment
    Of women…..

  • AEB

    Oh, well now I see: you’re viewpoint is, how to put it, extreme.

    So debating the matter is a waste of time.

  • Nick Minos

    Oh, my. Is today national troll day? Does their appearance mean 6 more weeks of nonsensical postings or an early spring?

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Take a stand for decency and normal values and they all
    Come out of the woodwork…or cracks in the walls…
    What you see here is sadly typical…

    Worshipers of Annie Lebovitz…what wonderful minds..

  • Brixtony

    I’m of two minds about this picture as an ad. You can google it – there are several in the series – men too. Obviously they intend to appeal to us urban sophisticates, but the beautiful ballerina in question looks silly, in my opinion, and it screams GLUTES rather than APARTMENT! It is undoubtedly a “branding” image designed to attract young, wealthy people (or those who love them) . However, if someone is offended, I feel sorry for them as well as the ad agency.

  • NeighboorHood

    But YOUR name IS on the door of a firm Blanche…it IS!
    And I really like YOUR
    FRENCH Roast coffee
    Yet I hate those cheese eating surrender monkeys
    Can you call it Freedom Roast so that I may NOT be offended
    in my
    Christian “old Amercian” moral sensa

    PS. Rap MUSIC.

  • AEB

    And here’s the ad in question, so all my expectorate self-righteously at the indecency of the human body:

  • Nick Minos

    Clear 6 more weeks.

  • Another Brooklyn Heights Poet

    I think it
    Seems to be a
    New form of poetry
    Far above our heads
    No rhyme scheme
    No scheme at all
    Unbridled outrage at a world
    That refuses to conform to
    A figment of the imagination

  • Knight

    This is what all the commotion is about? We saw worse displays of buttocks on the red carpet at the Grammy’s last Sunday.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Is your name “PS 8″?

  • bklyn20

    Well, Misty Copeland’s body is part and parcel of her career and success as a ballerina. But still, I recall that in the Corcoran ads, the women are wearing much less than the men.

    Let’s at least have nudity parity.

  • johnny cakes

    A threat? That is illegal, Crusty.

  • Heights Girl

    This ad does not demean all women. Please stop this foolishness and go get some culture in your life. Misty Copeland is a much touted soloist with the AMERICAN BALLET. She is in a leotard, which is the uniform of many ballerinas (and elementary school girls on Saturday mornings) not a negligee as the original commenter might lead you to conclude. The ad, though somewhat awkward, is meant to liken the gracefulness of her craft to attributes of real estate in the onlookers mind. I don’t know if it quite accomplishes this task but it is certainly not unsavory.

  • miriamcb

    Does anyone know who is responsible for the stretch of sidewalk after exiting the Promenade onto Remsen? The city seems to think it ends with the promenade tiles and the property that backs up to it seems to think it ends with the end of their garden fence. So, it’s all icy! I was just surprised the other day.

    I can’t wait for warmer weather! People smile more :)

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    What brilliant viewpoint what a high moral standard.
    Just what we need more of in this declining area…
    And nation…

    Nations rise and due to a several key factors but
    One of the most important factors is how well they
    Safeguard children..because they’re the nations future….

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Really? So let’s say that was YOUR mother or daughter in
    The ad….how comfortable would you THEN? a big fully
    Illuminated ad, with a loved one?

    When one woman is demeaned to lowers the station of
    all women…




  • bklyn20

    Dear Heights Correspondent,

    I actually don’t think that people should be parading around (or photographed) in what could be considered underwear in other situations. But if women are pressed to be semi-clad in public, and to then have their bodies critiqued … then men should be put under the same pressure.

    To get into the issue of what children should see, and when they should see it?
    I’m not going there now … and I am morally obliged to refrain from replying to your latest comment as I wish to. Humor is immoral, I guess. Good evening.