Open Thread Wednesday 1/28/15

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo: Ken Rutledge via Facebook

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  • Heights Correspondent 1

    I told the guys at Gakona to turn the system
    On full blast, and aim it at a large red object
    Located at 85th and East End Avenue.

    But they only put it on half way…nobody
    Follows orders anymore…

  • jibbers

    Will the rooftop bar on the Bossert be open this spring or summer?

  • Pet Owner

    Can we discuss vets in the area again? I have found that the Cobble Hill Animal Clinic is lacking in many respects and has gotten way too expensive. Has anyone (esp. cat owners) ever taken their pet to the Banfield Hospital @ Petsmart on Atlantic Ave.? Their prices seem much more reasonable, but how was the care? Any other reasonably priced recommendations are welcome too – if such an animal exists in the Heights (pun intended). Thanks.

  • Henry Street

    How is it possible that the First Unitarian Church at the corner of Pierrepont and Monroe hasn’t shoveled any of its sidewalks? I know I can get fined if I fail to shovel my sidewalk. Does this apply to religious institutions as well?

  • lauren

    I take my cat to Hope Vet on Atlantic Ave in Boerum Hill and have been very pleased. My cat sees Dr. Abrams and likes him.

  • StoptheChop

    I take my cats to the 5th Avenue Cat Clinic in Park Slope-

  • ujh

    The sidewalks at First Unitarian were not the only ones that hadn’t been cleared by Wednesday evening. As I walked down Joralemon Street toward BBP, the sidewalk in front of exactly three houses had been swept.

  • Pet Owner

    Thanks for your reply. I have 3 cats, and cost is an issue. What about their prices?

  • Cat Owner

    Thanks for your reply. I have 3 cats, and cost is an issue. How are their fees? Ex: How much is a standard office visit, i.e., without any additional treatments? Cobble Hill charges $64.00 to walk in. Banfield Hospital @ Petsmart charges $49.00.

  • bklyn20

    Last month, I took my 5-year-old dog to the Banfield Hospital on Broadway in SoHo. They have an online coupon that saves you c. $85 for the office visit/exam. It’s for new customers only, however. That said, the exam was adequate but not terribly thorough – my dog is blazingly healthy, from what I can see. If she were older or showing signs of illness, I might have been worried. So I guess it depends on your pet and their history. Also – the Brooklyn Banfield Hospital is cheaper than the Manhattan branches.

    A few years ago I exited Cobble Hill (after Dr Maddox left.) I found the new group to be pushing things that were unnecessary. And they were expensive, and I had large dogs, which eqautes to higher costs. Heights Vet was closed then, I believe, so I went to Vinegar Hill instead. They can be expensive as well, but the practice is better run and they give you alternatives when figuring out the costs of your pet’s care. Also, the employees are more pleasant.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Crosswalks are a huge issue for those of us who are disabled. I have yet to venture out for fear of falling. We also have more snow/ice on the way!

  • gc

    I have heard very good things about dr heather thomson at brooklyn hts veterinary hospital. You could check out the glowing comments on yelp. I hear they are well deserved.

  • lauren

    They weren’t cheap, but didn’t seem unreasonable. My cat is young and what they charged to have her spayed seemed competitive with other vets in the area. What I appreciated most was that not only was my kitty comfortable with the doctor (she can be very shy around strangers!), when her routine bloodwork showed something slightly abnormal, he was responsive to my concerns and took a lot of time to answer my many questions. Luckily, all was fine in the end. This is their site: I’m sure they could give you more in depth info about their fees. Good luck to you and your cats!

  • lauren

    @annbchapin:disqus I can empathize! I have been dealing with a leg injury and have found that navigating some of the uneven sidewalks can be tricky even without snow and ice, let alone with them. Stay safe! :)

  • lori

    I took my dog to Vinegar Hill and was shocked when I got to the desk and heard what the bill was – and that was without the super-specialist they wanted my dog to see. Without seeing the suoer-specialist and all the other tests they wanted her to have, the dog recovered just fine. Overkill.

  • Andrew Porter

    I just noticed that all the brochures and the newsletter for the Brooklyn Historical Society have a map in them that extends Monroe Place down to end at Remsen Street. I called them about it. You’d think a place that loves maps so much might have noticed previously, but…

  • Ann B Chapin

    U2 Lauren!! thank you!
    and YES–even without snow and ice–

  • Cat Owner

    I much appreciate your feedback. And the best to you and your kitty. (One of mine is new too!)

  • Charmant

    Any members of Silver Sneakers that want to nominate Dodge Y as a member Gym must do so now if you want them included!!! Contact Silver Sneakers to do so.