Lena Dunham Tweets Support for Save the View Now, What Happens Next Probably Won’t Surprise You

Save the View Now, the grassroots Brooklyn Heights citizens group seeking to curb the height of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pierhouse received support Monday from a high profile resident.

Girls star/creator Lena Dunham tweeted out a link to Glynnis MacNicols’ NYDN editorial about the project.

Reaction from the Twitterverse was…. well… interesting:

The Pierhouse topped out this week. BHB pal Carrie Hamilton snapped a photo of the event over the weekend.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Funny thing how there’s now a flag on the construction, which traditionally signifies the maximum height construction will reach. This is not to be confused with the flag put up last year, which everyone thought was also the end of the construction. We’ve been faked out, it seems…

  • Emily

    So is it over? I still say the building is way too big and blocks the amazing bridge view.

  • Monty

    As an internet professional I have to confess I don’t understand why anyone uses twitter for anything.

  • GHB

    Aren’t they also planning to build just south of the small bridge?

  • Biz Stone

    Not to stray too far off topic, but I just quickly wanted to point out that Twitter was the main conduit through which the Arab Spring was organized.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Love the Buzzfeed-esque headline!

  • Robert Copia

    Dec. 4, 2014, NBC presented Peter Pan Live starring “Girls”
    star, Allison Williams. I adored this adaptation of the children’s
    play and I thought Ms. Williams was remarkable. The reviews were
    horrible, more than enough to dissuade any TV exec from producing
    anything wholesome in the future. I do not have cable TV so I had not
    seen “Girls”. I thought it was another sarcastic womens
    show. If I had been aware of what trash “Girls” and Ms.
    Dunham are, I would not have watched Peter Pan. On 1/11/15, Girls s.4
    premiered featuring Ms. Williams in a (unnatural) sex scene,
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    children’s play, The opening song “Tender Shepard” is from
    a child’s prayer. Ms. Dunham, the one with the hideous tattoo, must
    have gagged on this and therefore wrote the Girls episode casting Ms.
    Williams as the Great Dane, and like a very sophisticated pool shot,
    brought ill-repute to the Williams family and killed Peter Pan for
    minimum 10 years and brought harm to millions of people who loved
    Peter Pan.


    a “LOUD VOTE” against this disgusting trash that is harming our
    culture, by cancelling your cable-dish TV and letting them know why.

  • bethman14

    Hey whats that large brownish neo-gothic structure CLEARLY visible above Pierhouse on the right side of the photo accompanying this post? Can anybody identify it for me? Since the Pierhouse blocks all view of the Brooklyn Bridge what on earth could that thing be?

  • ML

    There are so many different uses.

    Here’s one to consider: Make a Twitter list of your 10 favorite local news sources, called NYC News. You can keep it private if you want. Open that list in your browser or mobile app, and at any time, you have up-to-the-second headlines from those sources.

    Why not just use an RSS reader then? Because with Twitter (a) you don’t just get linked stories/posts, a la RSS, but you also get succinct commentary from people (in the form of many tweets which exist on their own, without linking elsewhere) and (b) you can search all “current” and past posts across the entire system, by a specific term, link, or tag, seeing results from the vast array of sources you haven’t had the occasion to subscribe to and/or list.

    In short, anyone can publish links to or commentary on anything, and anyone can search, monitor, or subscribe to anything.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Yes, the southern section is going up now. Fast.