Save Pier 6 “Town Hall” Saturday Afternoon

The Eagle reports that Save Pier 6 will hold a “Town Hall” this Saturday, January 24 starting at 3:00 p.m. at the Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church, 125 Henry Street. You may submit questions in advance by emailing

This event will serve as preparation for the Community Advisory Council meeting the following Tuesday, January 27.

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  • Littestbird

    We will be discussing environmental impact statements, our latest analysis of the park’s future revenues… answering any questions! will be fun!

    *** Town Hall ***
    Save Pier 6 is seeking to share what we have learned and we are asking for feedback from the community, and excited to benefit from a question and answer exchange with everyone! Importantly, we will also outline our next legal efforts.

    I am hoping everyone might consider submitting questions in advance to our So we can try our best to prepare helpful information.

    Preliminary agenda items are: our advocacy for a supplemental eis, the park’s finances, and a discussion of what effective and meaningful transparency from the Park Corp might look like.

    I am also hoping we can take five or ten minutes and, as a community, dream a little… About the future of the Pier 6… we are facing an insufficiently ambitious park plan…

    If we abandon the in-place 10 year old stale plan/path towards creating a concrete and glass jungle, along our glorious Brooklyn waterfront… What are the opportunities?

    For our generation and generations to come in our fast growing borough? (some ideas!!! a fabulous entrance to the park among Atlantic Ave? Tall trees, shade and benches? Water fountains? More swings? A children’s vegetable garden? A simple, green meadow? )

    Please consider coming… and sharing your ideas and insights with us. Most gratefully, and with deepest admiration for our wonderful community,


  • bethman14

    Oooooh! A NIMBY convention! Who’s bringing the pate?

  • Solovely

    Dear bethman, I guess you are offering? I am excited to meet you!

  • Will Willnot

    How about some delicious condos with parking included? Perhaps Toll Bros. could build, they have experience in the area?