Stopping the Pierhouse: Save the View Campaign Pushes Forward

In a previous post we noted the effort of Brooklyn Heights resident Steven Guterman to mount a challenge to the increased height of the Pierhouse hotel structure which now blocks a portion of the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and of Midtown from various vantage points on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. He has now established an on-line petition and a website for Save The View Now. He has also sent this message:

It is time get Save The View Now formally organized. While I would like to have a meeting sooner, due to the realities of the holidays we should plan on our first formal organization meeting on Saturday Jan 3, 2015 at 10:00. I will find a suitable location in the neighborhood based on how many expect to attend.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Fabulous New Year. I look forward to meeting everyone.

If you plan to attend the January 3 meeting, please RSVP to We’ll update you on location.

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  • Boerum Bill

    In a perfect world this would work. But, alas, it’s a lost cause. The permits are in place, the politicians are paid off and the construction continues. Kiss the view goodbye.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    If you check the history of construction in
    This city you would find many incidents
    of construction stopped and or modified
    By smart’ strong community opposition.

    Two big projects one on the west side
    And one in Yorkville were
    after it had been topped out!

    So you-cant-do-anything statements
    are baseless and frankly suspicious.

    ALSO Communities who do not react
    forcefully, including legal’ press and
    Public visible upset’ no matter if they
    Don’t win the first round, quickly find
    they can shortly look forward to MORE
    assaults on their living space….

  • Moni

    I hate to have to have to second Borum Bill’s assertion. Take a look at what’s happened to my old home town, Manhattan, the character and charm of its neighborhoods obliterated by real estate moguls and residents with too much money, who view their apartments as “investments” rather than homes. In some neighborhoods, half the dwellings are pied-a-terres that are vacant as much as 10 months out of the year . Mom & pop stores have pretty much ceased to exist as commercial rents soar, affordable only by chains and other corporate entities. Every year iconic businesses bite the dust — like Pearl Paint this year, for instance. No use pretending Bklyn Hgts isn’t on its way to suffering the same fate. In case no one has noticed, income inequality continues to increase, the entire Congress is now in the pocket of the 1%, and if the presidency goes Republican, so goes the Supreme Court, in which case Citizens United is just the beginning of our demise as the legendary “liberty & justiice for all” society. Happy New Year.

  • Andrew Porter

    I read the petition (I have signed it), and alas it has several typographical errors: “residence” for “residents,” several unneeded hyphens; wrong information: “north side of Brooklyn Bridge Park”; the BBP extends north of Brooklyn Bridge beyond the Manhattan Bridge; numerous punctuation errors. Can it be amended so that its wording does not interfere with its message?

  • Lisa Kalb Schaffer

    exactly. great post!