Open Thread Wednesday 12/10/14

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  • CHatter

    Thanks, I’ll have a look.

  • CHatter

    That’s an intriguing possibility. Do you happen to know a specialist who could tell me if my windows are salvageable?

  • CHatter

    Thank you. LWP has a good reputation but they don’t sell Andersons or Marvins. They do have Trimline, which seems like it might be OK.

  • BklynChickadee

    Bay Ridge Windows and Doors did a great job replacing our brownstone co-op’s windows with Marvins. It’s amazing the difference having good window has made!

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Well when the performance/music
    area was proposed the BHA and
    The local press should have probed
    the level of sound and probable
    disruption. Then hard limits should
    have be negotiated. None of that
    was done….

  • Mary

    I recall that one of the BHB bloggers is either on or connected to Community Board 2, which has the approval and oversight for these events. He said the Board is aware of the Cadman Park noise problem. Any action?

  • DoBro84

    You might consider suggesting noise abatement features be part of the new design for the park.

    For example, at the north end of Cadman Plaza Park a bandshell facing northeast would direct sound away from Cadman Plaza.

    CB2 has been calling for park design ideas and the planners at WXY Studio are hoping to continue gathering ideas via email at

    Also, the next meeting on the park redesign will be on January 15 (check with CB2 for details).

  • Heights Correspondent 1


    As of 8:00 PM, demonstrators or a section
    of the big group are moving towards the
    Downtown/court st area according to
    Several sources. Bldn security as several
    locations have been advised. Police are
    Stationed at key intersections in the
    Downtown area. But lack of helos in-
    Dicates the demos aren’t very near yet.
    They may have other targets than the

  • Mary

    I hear hovering choppers overhead now, and have for the last hour. Oy.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    The main group which apparently
    Came from Brooklyn Bridge pro
    test Went Towards Crown Heights.
    But about 50 made for the trains
    in the Heights area. One group of
    local teens began to razz the march
    ers shouting “pants up don’t loot!”
    It was a pure News York moment.

  • Jorale-man

    Apparently the Pierhouse condos are half sold now and they keep raising prices because the high demand to live in the park:

  • MyShinyNewHandle

    Will someone please put the bellowing, whistle-happy PS-8 crossing guard out of my misery?

  • Maggie

    CHatter – I don’t know any personally, but this company is recommended by the Landmarks Conservancy
    Often with older windows it can just be a matter or replacing or reconnecting the weights in double-hung sash, or giving a little TLC. This is all assuming the windows you have are wood…