Open Thread Wednesday 12/10/14

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Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • Cat

    Is anyone missing a black and white cat? Seen in Cadman plaza this morning. Was wearing a collar and very shy.

  • Jorale-man

    The renovated Duane Reade at Joralemon and Court is finally open. Curious if people think it was worth the wait? And are we reaching any kind of saturation point with all of the drug stores? The optimist in me thinks that this might prompt them to step up their customer service game a bit – i.e. the long lines that always form at the Rite Aid might have to be a thing of the past if they want to compete.

  • miriamcb

    I just noticed last week that the Duane Reade opened, but I haven’t gone in yet. Is it nice? To save myself the stress, I just avoid the Rite Aid even though it is the closest drugstore by far so I will have no idea if they ever step up their game!

  • Teresa

    Where in Cadman, Cat? I can go by later and see if s/he’s hungry– I’ve also let Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition know.

  • Willow

    Anyone know a local place where I can take my kids to see Santa. Kielhs was disappointing to say the least.

  • Cat

    North of war memorial. In the bushes on he left when u come from the street and walk towards the park office. Have never seen her around there.

  • ouch

    did anyone here a very loud boom last night around 7:30? It shook our window panes it was so lound

  • Bongo

    Yup heard it. No idea what it was, and since it was not followed by sirens, alarms, or otherwise; let it pass.

  • ClaudeScales

    Is Concorde back?

  • Teresa

    Just got back from walking around the memorial and inspecting the bushes (not too closely–didn’t want to surprise any slumbering rats), but I didn’t see the cat. If you e-mail me, I can send you my number to let me know if you spot him/her again. Teresa @ brooklynbackstretch . com.

  • CHatter

    I would be grateful for any recommendations for (or warnings against) replacement window brands, and in particular for experience with any contractors that install them. I have 5 fairly ancient and badly decaying double-hung windows that need replacement. Many thanks in advance!

  • Andrew Porter

    Really nice escalators going up to the second floor, but renovation not quite finished. They told me not all merchandise is stocked yet.

  • Andrew Porter

    Brooklyn Bridge construction likely.

  • Andrew Porter

    Skyline Windows did my apt building, and they did a good job. However, after many years, some double-glazed windows develop leaks, and the inside of the window becomes hazy. Also, because you live in BH, you have to get permission from Landmarks to replace your windows. It can take a Long Time to do that.

  • RLS

    I’ve seen her/him twice. Once my dog chased her across Cadman Plaza West.

  • Teresa

    How recently? Possible to tell whether she needs rescuing or whether she lives nearby?

  • CHatter

    Thanks! I’ll check them out. And yes, will be sure to budget in plenty of time for the local arbiters of taste.

  • lois

    LWP (Lucky Window Products) located on 3rd Ave in Bklyn (718) 492-7774. They have replaced the windows in two apartments in my building. Good service.

  • miriamcb

    The back part of the 1st floor is not finished – there is a plastic curtain up. We did visit upstairs and would have stocked up on some of my normal products, but even though the shelves appeared to be full, they didn’t have them (face wash and lotion that I typically use – regular brands). Some they did have were more than going to CVS. It was pretty empty though, so I’m sure people were getting quick service!

  • DIBS

    I have both Marvins and Andersons in two different homes. I do not like the push pin mechanism for the screens for the Marvins AT ALL. Much prefer the Andersons. Otherwise they operate similarly and have few differences. I have not had any leaks in any of my double glazed panes and they are all 6 over 6 true divided mullions. When I had my brownstone, the new windows were double pane insulated glass and never had issues. I did have a broken one once and I would highly recommend contacting Vela Glass as their sewrvice was excellent but I did not use them for installations

  • DIBS

    The Forum section of is the best place to ask questions like this. You willfind a lot of recommendations if you search the archives or post the question yourself

  • chris

    I’m happy that the cold winter weather will prevent the noisy outdoor events that were taking place in North Cadman Plaza Park. At least there will be tranquil weekend mornings and afternoons now.

  • WOW

    Amen!! This was the worst year ever — an event with booming music over loudspeakers almost every weekend all spring and summer…

  • Eddyde

    It could Be Bop the legendary cat that went missing several years ago, Contact Team Be Bop immediately, there is a large cash reward.

  • Heights Watch

    It could be louie the electrician ‘ s cat
    Escaped again….

  • Teresa

    Who is Louie the electrician?

  • Heights Watch

    ÀNOTHER movie company has set
    Up shop at Pierrepont near the 2nd
    Appl. Div.court. The security type
    In the parked car, windows rolled up
    Engine running, who poorly spoke
    English said the site was for work
    “Three days”. One of the neighbors
    On Henry says it’s 1 1/2 days…

  • Heights Watch

    Louie Miller of Monroe place is
    One of the most famous and in some ways most controversial figures
    In the Heights over the last three
    Decades. He is a self taught elec.
    technician, very knowledgeable.
    During the late 70 ‘ s to 80’s he
    emerged as an important source
    To several Heights anti crime pro
    grams providing exec info on
    Local perps often at considerable
    Personal danger. In recent years
    he has had his share of personal
    Problems. Recently he hit and very seriously injured by a taxi.

    Some charge that he is Jeff Smith’s chief street agent. Something both Smith and he denies.

  • Teresa

    Thanks. And I guess he lives near Cadman and has a cat with a penchant for escaping? Given the weather, would love to make sure that the cat is safe, warm, fed, etc. if possible, so anyone with info, please contact me at e-mail address listed above.

  • Maggie

    Repair, don’t replace! You’ll be hard pressed to find new windows that fit as well in the existing openings – unless the ones you have aren’t original, in which case, while I generally still advocate repair, unless what you have now are the mythical “maintenance free” aluminum or vinyl windows…