Clark Street Station Middle Elevator Broken Again

Just when we were getting used to all the Clark Street elevators running, comes this photo from a reader. Less than two weeks after its repair (after months of being out of order) the middle elevator is out again.

We asked what’s up with that elevator. The subway clerk had no answers.


Update: According to many BHB readers the middle elevator is once again… WORKING.

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  • GHB

    Well, there’s a surprise!

  • Eric

    It seems to be working now… i just rode on it.

  • whatever

    It was working enough for people to let the doors slam shut without waiting for the rest of us.

  • MyShinyNewHandle

    Elevator exile!


    I just started screaming out loud ” NO…! NO !!!”

  • Lady in the Heights

    It was working this morning.

  • HM

    Old photo from a few days ago when it was down for a couple of hours

  • really?

    seriously shocked this is even a story – so much other stuff going on in the nabe. I guess this is a safe topic

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s the little things that drive us all nuts. If they can’t repair a single elevator, what hope is there for the rest of civilization. Or Brooklyn Heights…

  • Heights Watcher

    Hey, why don’t we call Louie the
    electrician, he’ll do a better job
    that the TA guys have. We can
    start a Heights elevator trust and
    simply retain Louie….