The Clark Street Subway Station Now Has 3 Working Elevators

According to a BHB reader, the middle elevator at the Clark Street subway station is now operational. It’s been out for a while and for a time it felt like it might never come back.

Have you taken a ride on the newly fixed elevator? What was it like…like magic?

And we hope this elevator fanguy is happy too:

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  • mrg527

    It’s great to have it back, but you think they would have cleaned it before putting back in service. It’s not like they didn’t have time, it was out of service for almost a year.

  • Lady in the Heights

    Dirty is fine with me. Lower your expectations! I just cut my commute by about 15%!

  • DIBS

    Clearly you know nothing about the strict job descriptions which union members have.

  • chris

    is anyone else worried that the other two elevators will be taken out of service for the same overdue maintenance?

  • Ukjen457

    I was in the elevator for the first time since it had been fixed around 7.45 pm this past Tuesday. There was a collective cheer,and party like jubilation when all the regular commuters got on. There was almost spontaneous high fiving too. Happy to have it back, dirty or not!! I just regained at least 4 minutes of my life back 5 days a week…

  • Henry North

    In the time it took the MTA to fix that elevator, entire buildings have been planned, erected and occupied. Their excuse was that a part — ONE part —had to be made. (it was a nice, big wheel, though.)

  • David on Middagh

    Was it that ginormous hunk of steel sitting on the sidewalk one day, awaiting installation? Holy cow, was that impressive.

  • middle elevator fan

    to its credit, the middle elevator seems to descend and ascend more quickly than do the others. marginal 4 seconds on the commute!