BHB Reader: Our Long Clark Street Subway Elevator Nightmare is Over

BHB reader @leland alerts us to an AMAZING development in Brooklyn Heights. Around midnight on Friday (8/8) MTA workers delivered what appears to be an elevator motor to the Clark Street station. As those who take the 2/3 from there know, elevator #2 have been out for quite some time.

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  • AEB

    Would that they’d replace the station with an updated model too. But it ain’t gonna happen, alas!

  • elemengee

    I used that subway station Saturday afternoon and there appeared to be only one elevator operating. Consequently, street level waiting area was crowded to the point that people coming through the turnstile could just about find waiting space. When the elevator arrived, it was a mad scramble of people getting off and people trying to get on the one elevator. So much for a new motor!

  • GHB

    I took the train in this morning, and the middle elevator was STILL out!

  • petercow

    Delivering the motor, and installing it, are two different things.