Open Thread Wednesday 11/19/14

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  • Justine Swartz

        Brooklyn Heights Association BHA gives the green light to developers to build; then protests the building.  BHA is now powerless and can only flap their lips in protesting the height of the 
    Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
        History repeats itself. BHA has now given it’s blessing to a real estate developer David Kramer of Hudson companies to destroy our current library and erect a condominium in the footprint of Cadman Plaza Library. Mr. Kramer is keeping secret the architectural designs when questioned at the Borohall CAC meeting in Oct. 2014.  
         One of the RFP plans Mr. Kramer admits to considering is 55 Floors, ( half the height of the World Trade Center). 
          BHA ignores it’s Mission Statement decrying
    Tall Buildings to be built on the outskirt perimeter of the Landmark Brooklyn Heights area.

  • Jorale-man

    Great photo. A cautionary tale of unchecked development gone awry?

  • Guest

    I heard an advertisement on WNYC this morning that The Clean Bedroom is coming to 145 Montague.

    In related news, WNYC has become unbearable to listen to with its hyperfocus on local news to the exclusion of NPR programming.

  • Teresa

    I heard an advertisement on WNYC this morning that The Clean Bedroom is coming to 145 Montague St.

    In related, non-BH news, WNYC has become almost impossible to listen to. I was a devotee for years, but its focus on local news to the exclusion of NPR programming has driven me away.

    Apologies for the double-post. Disqus has flummoxed me this morning.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Great photo! More like it, please. I know exactly where that is, but it’s hard to imagine that house there now. Looks like Levittown, not Brooklyn Heights. Any background about the building? There used to be a mansion on that corner to the left of the photo, no?

  • WOW

    123 Joralemon Street — what stands there now is what looks like an old carriage house. Wow — always thought that place was old! Good job…

  • WOW

    Was hoping 145 was the address of the old Starbucks…. Guess that place will just stay vacant forever.

  • Ellen

    Hi All,
    I’m looking for a new financial advisor. Any recommendations?

  • WS Gilbert

    Are we absolutely sure that nothing can be done about the illegal height of the Pierhouse One building? I have heard of instances where builders have been forced to take down extra floors. Can’t something like that be done here?

  • LincolnLogs

    There was a builder in dumbo who had was forced to take down several stories of condo built without proper permits. This was a few years ago & I can’t recall the address or exact circumstances now…

  • johnny cakes

    Yeah, that photo is an oldie. Look at the car in the driveway. Could have been taken 30-years ago.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Word on the street is that the old starbucks location has major plumbing problems, and the backyard neighbors on Remsen, who sound as if they have a lot of clout, have threatened to sue any developer who even thinks about increasing the height of the building.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Put most of it in a low-cost total stock market fund and a bit in a total bond market fund, and save all the money you’d pay to someone who should be telling you to do the same.

  • MonroeOrange

    simple…go to AC and put a quarter of it on red, if it loses, double on red again, if it loses, double on red again….it will hit eventually and boom you doubled up and are retired….

  • Andrew Porter

    Great view of the Brooklyn Bridge and East River from Squibb Park, posted on McBrooklyn:

  • Andrew Porter

    The stupid suburban-appearing crap that was there and was torn down, to be replaced by the carriage-house-like structure that’s there now, was one of those “what WERE they thinking?” moments. Really glad it’s gone.

  • Andrew Porter

    I use the same person my mother used, Jill Epstein. Originally at Lebenthal, she’s now at UBS. I recommend her highly. I have used her services for more than 15 years. A quick use of Google will get you to her; I’m not going to post her e-dress here.

  • Andrew Porter

    Has anyone noticed how bare the shelves are getting at the CVS on Henry Street at Love Lane? I know CVS is working on turning the old Rite Aid on the corner of Montague and Clinton into another store. I wonder if maybe they plan to close the Henry Street store when the new place opens.

  • Andrew Porter

    I was a member of WNYC for so long I have a tote bag that has Channel 31, their old TV station, on it. I stopped being a member when I read how much Laura Walker, their president, gets paid. And yes, I loathe the 10am show, which I think of as “all politics, all the time”.

  • CHatter

    Last night I saw that the Clark St subway middle elevator is finally functioning again. Any takers on the next one to fail? Those elevators are like the sithe in Star Wars: there can only ever be two.

  • Teresa

    I wonder whether the residents of that monstrosity will try to get the park closed to avoid having people of all sorts peering directly into their apartments.

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting. I think WNYC has been trying to make a name for itself beyond the national mothership. I do grow a bit weary of the Chris Christie stories and 8-minute looks at health care in Newark.

  • David on Middagh

    Just passed by the Pier House office on Hicks—cocktail party going on for prospective tenants? Music provided by live jazz combo.

  • Nick Minos

    I noticed on Saturday. There were maybe 5 toothbrushes. I just thought the shoplifters were at it again (the reason they only keep two of the same item normally on the shelf), the shipment was late or they just didn’t have the time/workers to restock. Then I thought maybe the neighborhood was on a dental hygiene kick. Yes, I put way too much thought into this.

  • Justine Swartz

    When is the relocation?

  • Andrew Porter

    All the various talks and programs at the Brooklyn Historical Society are available as videos on Vimeo here:

    They go back several years, apparently. Who knew? And, more to the point, why was this a closely guarded secret?

  • JoT

    This image just sent me into a rage spiral. As WS Gilbert asked above, is there REALLY nothing that can be done here? By all accounts the height increase is flat out illegal and it continues to make me sick to think that the developers will probably get away with doing whatever the hell they want.

  • Guest

    Yes — there used to be this.

  • Bornhere

    Yes. There had once been this.

  • David on Middagh

    This comment is about mashed gingko fruit.

    The building on the SE corner of Hicks St. and Pierrepont needs to clean its sidewalk. Everyone is walking around with their shoes smelling like the inside of a dog’s bowel. Thank you.