NY Times’ Sunday Routine in Brooklyn Heights

Bryan Thomas for The New York Times

The New York Times’ “Sunday Routine,” which covers the mundane of the rich and famous, turns its eye toward Brooklyn Heights’ own designer and event planner David Stark, who namechecks a couple local hotspots:

  • “I often will go play tennis at the Tennis Center in Prospect Park. I’ll play for an hour or so, and Migguel and I will go out into the world to get something to eat. The most boring solution, which I love, is Le Pain Quotidien on Montague Street. If that’s the new McDonald’s, sign me up.”
  • “I might work for an hour, getting prepared for the week that’s coming. Then we either go out to eat or make something for dinner from the food that was gotten at the farmers market. We love an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights called Sociale.”
  • Stark also reveals that his husband, Migguel, is from Venezuela and learned English from watching The Golden Girls: “There’s not a night that goes by that we do not watch The Golden Girls. Migguel has a special attachment to it because he learned English from watching The Golden Girls. So for him that’s his blankie, if you will. We’ve been watching it every night for six years. It never gets boring. I go to bed about 11, 11:30.” I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer a plush Sophia Petrillo doll to an entire Golden Girls blankie.

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