Dumpling Time on Montague

Andy’s Chinese restaurant quietly closed last month, and it appears that it will soon be replaced by a dumpling restaurant. I say appears because twice I’ve gone by and looked in the window and no one has been there to answer questions, so I can only go by the signage. This is the extent of my investigative reporting. I will look through the window again tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of the dumpling question. In the meantime, I’m hoping the sign means they serve 128 dumplings, because I will singlehandedly keep that place in business.

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  • miriamcb

    I’ve gone by when there are people inside – so if I go by tomorrow, I’ll try to get a menu or something! Is it totally different ownership than Andy’s?

    I did notice that the Andy’s neon sign was in the window until a couple days ago, after the 128 dumplings signage went up.

  • Remsen resident

    The restaurant is being run again by the original family that owned Andy’s. We ate in it last Saturday night and it was good. Many of the same items on the menu and some of the same chefs, and it was fresh and bright inside. Not sure why they haven’t been open since but keep your fingers crossed.

  • DIBS

    Never ate there as Andy’s. Did they get the pork filled soup dumplings right like a good Shanghainese placew would? In other words thin skins, not thick, doughy and chewy?

  • WOW

    Their dumplings were pretty bad when prepared by the Andy’s chef, so I dont have any hope for this place if it’s the same owners… Just a gimmick to bring in a fresh crowd.

  • Remsen resident

    When the original owners started the restaurant it was great. Then they sold it to new owners who kept it going under the name Andy’s and the quality deteriorated. Now the original family is back but had to change the name because it no longer belonged to them. Give them a try. They will be up and running soon.

  • Heightsman

    This is good news! I am hopeful.

  • WOW

    Thanks — that is good intel: will for sure give them a go. Love dumplings: especially (as someone else notes) soup dumplings…. Best place ever for those, BTW, is at Shanghai Cafe at 100 Mott Street…

  • Andrew Porter

    And in the great tradition of trying to turn the back garden into a parking lot by illegally making the fence into a gate, they’ve put up a sign which I somehow doubt was approved by Landmarks.

  • Callahan

    Love dumplings