Halloween 2014 Open Thread

What or who are you dressing up as for Halloween? Who in Brooklyn Heights has the best stoop or window display? What else in on your mind about Halloween? Comment away!

Then there’s this whiner whining about kids from other neighborhoods coming to theirs to trick-or-treat.

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  • e

    Probably the wrong thread in which to post this comment but someone told me there was a lot of police activity on Montague St. this morning around 5:30 a.m. — possibly a robbery.

  • cindy sm

    Question: what’s everyone’s favorite
    Halloween music. What’s the theme and party music you most associate with your best Halloween memories?

  • cindy sm

    And what’s your best Halloween memories

    …by the way, my boyfriend says he, going
    To the Halloween parade as either D Hasty or Louie Miller!!……

  • cindy sm

    I just told him he should go as Stanley

  • ionFreeman

    Has anyone seen coca cola life in the neighborhood? It’s supposed to be everywhere this month.