Apparently Folks Are Having Bathroom Sex at the Court Street Starbucks in Brooklyn Heights

Well, maybe this is an opportunity for the community to help the managers of one of our the Court Street Starbucks with a slight problem. According to a tweet from Crains New York writer Andrew J. Hawkins, they’re looking for ways to stop customers from having sex in the bathroom.

So faster than you can say PumpkinSpiceLatte – how would you solve a problem like this? Comment away!

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  • DIBS

    What a wackjob!!!!!!!

  • DIBS

    Take your meds, cindy

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Cultural = white
    Social = wealthy
    Our neighborhood would be a lot better off with less folks like you, Cindy. Your statement, and your line of thinking, is embarrassing and sad, and in my experience, not representative of the good folks of Brooklyn Heights.

  • Stephen


    As much as the Brooklyn heights blog deals with “the heights” I believe (and many may agree) it deals with the social and geopolitical issues of Brooklyn at large. Are you saying because this issue does not fall within your stated Bbrooklyn Heights boundaries you don’t want to discuss it? Please remove your rose-colored glasses. Look what I found in Brooklyn heights (within your state boundaries) this weekend(photo attached).

    There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn’t benefit any of us to speak evil of the rest of us!!!

  • Pepper


  • ujh

    Cindy, the Court Street Starbucks is in Brooklyn Heights because of the West side of Court is geographically and politically in BH, which extends to and includes the north side of Atlantic Avenue.

  • StevoNYC

    Looks like the well to do people of Cindy’s “proper Brooklyn Heights” are shooting up heroin right in the street.

  • Doug Biviano

    What we need is more Real Estate Porn DUMBO-Style. Gersh share the youtube link ;-)

  • Gersh Kuntzman

    Re: Biviano’s request. With PLEASURE:

  • Doug Biviano

    From a socio-economic standpoint, Gersh’s visual commentary was as prescient as ever now that we see a hospital, a library and a park go
    down for luxury condos.

    Here’s mention of it.

    I was one of the few to see the video before it got pulled but applaud Gersh for his brilliant work.

  • Reggie

    My guess is you saw it more as a hit- and link-bait challenge, but please excuse me for being cynical. With regard to debate of the boundaries of Brooklyn Heights that appear lower on the page, there are no official boundaries. The boundaries are normative based on usage.

  • David on Middagh

    Joe Isuzu!

  • Yawn

    So, a blog post about a tweet about something “learned” from eavesdropping? Seriously? So much for journalistic integrity. Let’s just make a thing that isn’t a thing seem like a thing. Hooray for blogs.

  • cindy sm

    Typical crude comment..which again fails to speak to the very valid points I raised.

  • cindy sm

    This is a typical comment which is a shallow and carefully avoids my central and very valid points. Certainly there is
    Avoidance for the apparent lack of
    The ability to respond.

  • cindy sm

    Unfortunately for your community of
    Thought, it’s really non thinking but
    That aside, and fortunately for our
    Area my view is shared by most of
    My friends and family and those
    I know; the Heights is a very. Distinguished community and it is
    So because of the superior human
    Material it contains. Oh this isn’t P
    to openly say? Too bad…I’m VERY
    tired of having to pretend that say,
    Court street attorney types or what
    Goes on in front of some of the
    “Establishments” on Court Street is
    1) a legitimate part of the culture,
    Social structure or spirit of the
    Genuine Heights
    2) Anything but a LOWER in many
    Degenerate culture which by the
    This city could be well rid of..
    3) The “social advocates” who would
    Equate what the Heights is and
    Represents and what is typical in
    Surround areas are in large
    Measure What is WRONG with this
    city…(And the country)

    I’m sorry; I REFUSE to apologize
    For the Heights it’s culture or its

  • cindy sm

    The above is an exact example of
    Degenerative (non) thinking of my
    Point #3

  • cindy sm

    I wouldn’t concern with the sourcing in this case because even if the story on Starbucks
    Is totally without foundation, there a TRAIN LOAD of really obnoxious crude and/or
    Dangerous behavior just feet away in that
    Entire region of Court st.

  • cindy sm

    Typical crude response which does not
    Speak to the points I raised…

  • Andrew Porter

    You’re still capitalizing the first letter of each line, Cindy. Still can’t figure out why, unless you think of them as blank verse.

  • cindy sm

    And I’M the one who needs to take

    Notice NONE of the above answers
    My observations point by point.
    The only thing being presented in
    An attempt to counted my valid
    Points is endless prattle along the
    Lines that society must have many
    levels and each is as valuable as
    Every other and no one level can
    Be creative without the wonderful help
    Of other levels…total drivel from and for the mindless.

    I get this kind of dangerously distorted
    Thinking whenever I visit a foreign
    Policy assn gathering or at dozens of other key NGO confabs. But whether
    It’s a lower brain type on Court Street
    Or at some UES NGO listening to, say,
    A head of state, ALL of this “social
    Idea” is profoundly destructive to our
    Country as it would be to any higher civilization.

  • johnny cakes

    Have a pickle.

  • cindy sm

    Typical crude remark…

    all the depth of a rain puddle…

  • PierrepontSkin

    It’s infuriating, the way you type. Is your brain on constant abstract poetry mode? Do you only talk in verse?