First Manhattan: Will Brooklyn Heights Crumbs Reopen Too?

Crumbs, the store with radioactive-sized cupcakes, may be reopening after a chain-wide closure last July. The Daily News reports that the company was rescued in part by CNBC’s Marcus Lemonis, and will reopen “16 of its New York-area stores, including shops at Grand Central, Times Square and at 92nd St. and Lexington Ave.” No word yet on whether the Crumbs on Montague Street is on the list, though we will bring you updates from Connecticut Muffin.

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  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    No more Crumbs. What this nabe really needs is another Drug Store.

  • Arch Stanton

    The cupcakes were lousy, dry and crumbly, the lack of customers at the Montague St location reflected their inferior product. I doubt (hope) they will not return here. Let them feed off of one time customers at Grand Central & Times Square.

  • ArtofAnAngel

    End this. Keep the darn store closed.